How do NBA Stars Fly?

NBA Planes

What First Class Airfare Really Looks Like

If you think airplane rides are boring, you have definitely never sat in the same plane that NBA stars travel in.

Unlike the common folk, NBA athletes have all gotten hooked up with top class airfare, with far better in-flight food, accessories, service, and leg room that the rest of us mortals can only dream of. Former 16th overall pick Royce White was not able to stick in the NBA because of his fear of planes, well, the Iowa State forward must have never seen the interior of NBA planes.

Luckily for him and the rest of us, now we can find out Flying NBA-Air really looks like!

NBA Planes


Just your usual office set-up on board an NBA plane with cinema style sofas and couches!

NBA Planes

Credit: Windsor Jet Management

Oh, and how about this sort of set-up? Only slightly better than how Air Canada business class looks like.

NBA Planes


Need space to do work or watch game tape? How’s this for a tray table?

Talk about being spoiled with a lavish lifestyle, a flight in one of those NBA planes and no one will find airplane rides boring ever again!


Ellie at 21 Jan 2017

I liatlelry jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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