5 Gym Must-Haves

Gym Needs

What are Five Things you Cannot Workout Without?

Have you ever been that guy, or gal, who drives down to the gym, gets changed, feeling ready to go and only then realize you forget something you cannot workout without?

Don’t worry, we have all been there.

Whether it is our Beats headphones, or our $10 Gatorade water bottles who’s sole purpose is to emphasize that we are athletes to fellow on-lookers, there has always been that one time, or many times, that you have showed up to the gym not as prepared as you originally thought you were. Of course, now your entire workout is completely ruined before it even started and you have to turn back, go back home to pick up whatever it is you have forgotten, and ultimately, never make it back to the gym.

Thankfully, now you have your gym check list, with five things that you cannot possibly forget before leaving for the gym.

Say goodbye to forgetting you gym valuables at home, and hello to always getting your workouts in!

5) Gym Shoes

You know that lifting buddy you have? The one who is down to workout with you on say a Tuesday, so you both make it to the gym and then your buddy realizes he has forgot his gym shoes?

Without your shoes, you cannot workout. The angry mister at the front desk will find you and will kick you off the gym floor meaning all that preparation and the trip down to the facility was all for nothing.

How can you solve this problem from ever happening? You guessed it, bring your gym shoes next time!

4) Workout Gloves/Wrist Straps/Chalk

Now depending what kind of lifting you are planning on doing at the gym, this is important for you. Working gloves are a matter of comfort and it separates the men from the boys, but if you are worried about post-lift calyces then do not forget the gloves.

For heavier or power lifters, the wrist straps and chalk are key. Do not be the guy walking around the squat racks begging a fellow lifter to use some chalk, it’s annoying. Be prepared and bring your own. Chalk will help you with your grip on heavier lifts and more importantly, will make you look only that much more alpha.

As for wrist straps, they are also for power lifters. They ease the stress on the wrists during the lift as well as improve the lifter’s grip on the bar. So if you are a person who uses any of the three, never forget these things at home!

Gym Needs

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3) Workout Journal

If you go to the gym to not only workout, but to train, a workout journal is key to keep track of your progress. Write down your goals, your day-to-day results, and keep tabs on the weight you are throwing around in the gym.

Make sure to never forget your workout journal so you can log your workout numbers in between sets. You need something to do for the boring minute of rest in between sets anyways.

2) Post-Workout Shake

On a more scientific level, when you workout, muscle tissues breakdown and once the workout is concluded, your body is begging for supplementation, something you should take as soon as you can after workouts.

That is why bringing your post-workout shake with you to the gym is important. Give the body the proper protein and carbohydrates not only to rebuild your torn muscle fibres, but to refuel your body.

Trust me, it’ll thank you later!

1) Headphones

This is the most important part because without headphones you cannot get into your zone, and without getting into your zone, bro science suggests that you will never achieve the best workout possible. You are essentially wasting your time.

There is no motivation, there is no beat drop for ever rep that you do. Your workout is boring. You are boring.

Do yourself a favour and never, ever forget your headphones.


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