NBA Players and Supplementation

NBA Player Supplementation

How NBA Players Stay on Top of Their Nutrition Game

Now first and foremost, let’s be clear that we are speaking of protein shakes and carbohydrate supplements, not illegal extra-curriculars that some athletes may be involved in. If you are looking at becoming the next Sammy Sosa, this may not be for you.

NBA players take a variety of different supplements, all of which are okayed by team personnel, for the purpose of recovering faster after games and workouts, to give themselves a much-needed energy boost, and to be ready for the next night’s contest. From the LeBron James of the world to the Tomas Satoranskys, every player trusts their supplementation to do the job that the food they consume in their diets cannot do alone.

If you want to supplement yourself like an NBA athlete, here is your ultimate check list!

Whey Protein 

This is an obvious one that every athlete needs after their workouts. To help build muscle mass and to quicken muscle recovery post workouts, whey protein must be the number one supplement that you put in your post-training protein shakes.

Steph Curry doesn’t advertise for Muscle Milk for nothing after all!


Glutamine is an amino acid, which essentially is a building block of proteins. The supplement’s purpose is to support lean mass gains, speed up recovery time and enhance immune system function.


Creatine works. It is a combination of three types of amino acids (glycine, arginine, and methionine) and combined the supplement works towards promoting power, strength, and lean muscle mass.

Make sure to increase your water intake for the sake of your kidneys when beginning to take Creatine. Otherwise, studies have all suggested that creatine is a safe supplement if taken properly.

Vitamin B

Whatever your fitness goals may be, especially if you are hoping to become a better and stronger athlete, vitamin B is a must. Vitamin B intake improves overall health and optimize your energy and metabolism!

Vitamin E

A second vitamin that you should look into taking is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble anti-oxidant and is essential for immune system support as well as overall health and wellness.

Flax Seed Oil

As you can tell muscle isn’t everything when it comes to being a professional NBA player. The mind and overall health are key concerns as well while training. Flax seed oil rich in the alpha-linoleic omega-3 fatty acid. Flax seed oil also promotes optimal heart and brain function.


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