The Hottest NBA Accessories


How to Get Decked Out Like Your Favourite Ballers

The NBA has really come a long way. From converse and short-shorts, to headbands, compression sleeves, and even bracelets that somehow enhance performance. While it was very common to rock no accessories back in the day, it is very rare nowadays to see an NBA player who has both arms or both legs exposed and sleeveless.

Of course, some of the stuff ballers wear today has scientifically proven to enhance their level of play as well as decrease any pains or soreness during games, sometimes, players just needed to add some swag before they head onto the court.

What took off with Allen Iverson has now become a fashion statement in today’s league as more and more players have began decking themselves out in various accessories.

As fans, we do our part too. Never forgetting are new Adidas headbands whenever we hit the basketball court for a pick-up game, or always rocking calf sleeves whenever hitting the gym.

It’s the cool thing to do today, so let’s take a closer look at what some of the best players in the game rock during games!

NBA Accessories

Credit: The Big Lead

A fashion icon off the court, Russell Westbrook often rocks one or two arm sleeves, with knee pads on both his legs.

NBA Accessories

Credit: Fadeaway World

Meanwhile, the greatest player in the game, LeBron James rocks one sleeve, with a bracelet on each hand, as well as a headband, quite possibly to hide his receding hairline.

NBA Accessories

Credit: The Halk Report

You will not find shooting sleeves on Steph Curry’s arms, but for a guy with a history of ankle and leg injuries, Curry makes up for the lack of upper body sleeves, with accessories on both of his legs.


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