How Does This Happen: All-Star Edition

Weird All-Star

The not so Flashy Parts of All-Star Weekend

The NBA had a great weekend, punctuated by a thriller of an All-Star Game.

But of course, there were also some weird moments during All-Star Weekend that made fans scratch their heads in confusion. While the NBA, some players, and some teams may just want to move on from these moments, we cannot simply let them all go without giving each case a proper acknowledgement.

One thing to remember is that nobody is perfect, and this past weekend illustrates just that!

7) Paul Pierce and His Two Phones

How did this happen? All Star

Credit: Larry Brown Sports

Pft, old people…

6) He’s an “In-game” Shooter

Someone clearly forgot to close the windows at the Superdome, because Kyle Lowry made quite a statement with his first shot of the Three-Point Shootout.

It was definitely not Lowry time on Saturday night.

5) Oh Kings…

If there is anything a suffering team’s fanbase wants to hear is that they had a better deal on the table for their superstar player, and their team opted to go with the poorer trade option.

Big shout out to the Kings!

4) “OKC’s Own”

Let’s send out a quick prayer for the men who made this bizarre mistake. Hopefully New Orlean’s own announcer doesn’t get the hook.

3) Indiana’s “First Ever” Slam Dunk Champion

We are just going to leave this clip here. We got your back Fred Jones!

Weird All-Star Moments

Credit: Youtube

2) Aaron Gordon’s Rough All-Star Break

The Slam Dunk Contest was on Saturday night. On Sunday, during the NBA’s girl BWB camp, teenager Awak Kuier threw down a dunk before Aaron Gordon did.

It was that kind of weekend for the young power forward.

1) Kyrie Thinks Earth is Flat

It’s times like this where I question what a Duke education is really about.



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