Redrafting Raptor History


Redrafting All 22-First Round Picks in Raptors History

As fans of especially inferior teams, we are told to just never look back at past drafts and see the wealth of talent that our trusted general managers have missed out on. It’s like giving yourself a thousand different paper cuts in the same spot – you just don’t do it.

Being the brave souls that we are, we are going to take a look at the Toronto Raptors, a team that has been around for a bit over two decades and have only one Conference Finals appearance to show for it. Over their brief history, the Toronto Raptors made 22-first round selections. Some good, and quite a few did not go according to plan.

To reopen the scars, we will take a quick look at all of these draft picks and try to redraft all 22 the way the Raptors originally should have done it.

Let’s pretend hindsight is not a thing.

ReDrafting Raps

The feeling of nearly having Kobe Bryant may sting, but then again, the Raptors did draft a guy like Rafael Araujo a year after selecting a franchise big man in Chris Bosh.

ReDraft Raptors

While guys like Bruno Caboclo are still two years away from being two years away from being two years away, the Raptors missed out on players like Rodney Hood. There is still much to learn about the young Raptors and only time will tell if these picks were the correct ones.


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