Don’t Reach, Young Blood

How to Improve Ball Handling

How to Develop Handles like Your Favourite Ballers?

Kyrie Irving (AKA Uncle Drew), Allen Iverson, and Steph Curry have some of the best ball-handling skills the NBA has ever seen. Don’t cheat or reach on these dudes or you will be left in the dust real quick.

But how did the game’s best acquire those filthy ball-handling skills? What did they do to become so unguardable? This here is a start! Take a look at the five best drills that will undoubtedly improve your ball-handling skills!

Get practicing and start blowing by your competition!

5) Dribbling Suicides

Suicides are hard enough. Running from line to line as quick as you can. Nothing like a good agility and endurance exercise that gets some sweat going. Now add a basketball to the mix. Do everything exactly the same, only incorporate dribbling into the process.

4) Two-ball Dribbling

The title of the exercise gives it away. With two basketballs, begin dribbling in a stationary position and slowly begin to increase the exercise in difficulty. Try running up the court maintaining the dribble, or if you happen to be feeling ambitious, try getting fancier with the dribble.

3) Pete Maravich Drill

‘Pistol Pete’ was known for always being creative with the ball. According, players should pull out their entire dribbling arsenal and dribble quickly in a circle without breaking the circle up. Try any dribbling skill you got in your bag of tricks and focus on controlling the basketball for as long as you can.

2) Body Circles

A drill that will definitely improve and quicken your hands, take a ball using both hands around your head, then around your waist, followed by around your knees, each time completing full circles. Repeat this routine in reverse order, then chase directions.

1) Zig-zag Dribbles

Another drill in which two basketballs will be used simultaneously. Cones will be set up down the court in zig-zag positions and players will have to dribble from cone to cone using various types of dribbles such as crossovers, hesitations, and in and outs.


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