Top 5 Stylish NBA Teams


Which NBA Teams Put Fashion First in 2017?

You win as a team and lose as a team – a saying that doesn’t only apply to results on the basketball court.

In 2017, NBA teams have focused on winning off the court as well, putting fashion as a top priority. No longer will teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder let a certain player capture all the fashion headlines. Now, we look at the teams who have been showcasing their style under the NBA spotlight! With the average annual salary of an NBA player sitting around $5-million, there is no reason why any player cannot be camera-ready before or after games!

5) Chicago Bulls

NBA team Fashion


The Bulls may have had some on-court and locker room drama, but that did not stop this circus of a team from showing off their incredible fashion senses!

4) New York Knicks

NBA teams Fashion

Credit: New York Post

Another team undergoing quite the turmoil, the New York Knicks have not allowed any of that distract them from looking their best!

3) Phoenix Suns

NBA team Fashion


The Phoenix Suns take over the middle spot on the list. With a good mix of veterans and young players, there’s no telling what the Suns will rock on any given day!

2) Los Angeles Lakers

NBA team Fashion


They won’t wear the flashy suits, but the young Lakers are always breaking fashion barriers!

1) Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA team Fashion

Credit: Vavel

When your team is over the luxury tax, that means your players are making a ton of money. And when you make a ton of money, your suit game is always strong.

How can it not be? The Cavs clearly take the top spot!



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