5 Workout Necessities

5 Gym Necessities

Intensify Your Workouts With These Gym Items!

Sometimes curling 50-pound dumbbells, deadlifting heavy barbells with five plates on each side and doing presses on machines isn’t good enough. Of course it helps, but to be a high-performance athlete, do not limit yourself to the usual workouts.

It’s not always about lifting the heaviest weight possible, at least when your ego is not concerned.

Working the explosiveness, the fast twitch, the mobility and the flexibility of muscles is just as if not more important than working on growing in muscle mass. It is important to become a complete athlete, to be prepared and ready for anything. To do so, you must leave your comfort zone and use other tools that you have at your disposal.

Do not be afraid to shock your body with something new and try out these five gym equipment that should be a part of your high-performance workouts!

5) Ladder

No, this is not the ladder that you come. It is the rope-like ladder that you put on the floor and use to work on explosiveness, agility, balance, control, footwork, and many other important variables. Athletes of any high-performance sport rely on this piece of equipment to get them ready for peak competition!

4) Medicine Ball

Important in rehabilitation, a medicine ball, or a weighted ball has many other purposes.

It is a very effective way to work on explosiveness, strength building, and core balance. Medicine balls are also commonly used in plyometric workouts.

3) Foam Roller

No weights, no heavy items in need of lifting for this one.

With a foam roller, the idea is simple, but a lot of exercisers do not understand its importance. Foam rollers provide you with a deep tissue massage (self-myofascial release). Recovery is vital to anyone who works out, and what this piece of equipment does is speed up the healing and recovery process after your workouts, while helping out with flexibility as well as mobility.

2) Kettlebells

Definitely not the traditional weights to use, but kettlebells do have a purpose.

First and foremost, they aid in total body strength and conditioning. Kettlebells also help fire up the fast twitch muscle fibres in your body, are good for weight loss, and are used to improve posture and form – something very applicable to everything else you will do at the gym.

1) Resistance Bands

Yup, flimsy little ropes are atop the list.

What are these stretchy bands good for? Other than strengthening the muscles, these bands improve balance, can reduce joint pain, improve speed, agility, range of motion, and the mobility of your entire body. If your gym doesn’t have any, don’t sweat it, they’re cheap and easily fit in your gym bag!


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