Workout Fit for a King

LeBron James postseason workouts

How Does LeBron James Stay Fit in the Postseason?

The King always steps up in the Playoffs.

In Game 3, LeBron James put the Cleveland Cavaliers on his back and helped them overcome the biggest deficit in NBA Playoff history. Down 25-points at the half, LeBron James put up a 41-point, 13-rebound, and 12-assist stat line to somehow get the Cavs a 119-114 victory.

After stumbling down the stretch, James told all Cavs fans that they have nothing to worry about with the Playoffs commencing. Thus far, LeBron has kept his promise as the Cavaliers prepare for the chance to sweep the Indiana Pacers out of the NBA Playoffs.

How does LeBron, in his age 32-season continue to be so dominant in the playoffs despite logging in so many minutes each and every regular season? What does James do between games to prepare his body for the grind?

This is what makes LeBron James the best at what he does. His preparation and his work ethic, and once he steps onto the NBA court – he’s ready to win.

As you can tell, LeBron’s workouts, especially in the playoffs, do not include heavy weights. For LeBron, his workouts are not about pushing himself till failure, but focusing on form and the rage of motion of his muscles. In the postseason, LeBron must stay strong all the while keeping his cardio up.

Some of the exercises LeBron’s workout includes are sumo deadlifts, dumbbell raises, and medicine ball push-ups.

This is how champions exercise. This is what keeps LeBron on top of his game in the playoffs!


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