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NBA Draft Combine Workouts

What are NBA Draft Combines Really About?

Although many top prospects have been noticeably absent from this year’s NBA Draft Combine, many young NBA hopefuls have made their way to Chicago to be seen by scouts, coaches and general mangers.

“If you think there’s anything here that would hurt you, don’t come,” Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari said. “If you think there’s anything here that would help you, come. If you have to play to help yourself, come. If it doesn’t help you — playing— then don’t play. This is for these kids. My job is to protect my guys. The job of these NBA teams is to get as much information as they can to make a great pick. They would like to see every one of them play five-on-five, do all the (drills). It’s not the way it is for these kids.”

Granted the likes of Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson, and Malik Monk, all projected lottery picks are not present for the Combine, but the annual event still received quite the showing, demonstrating the value of this showcase.

What is the NBA Draft Combine all about though? How intense is it that top prospects decide to pass on it in order to stay away from potential injuries?

From high jumps, to sprints, bench press, and scrimmages, these prospects go through intense workouts in front of NBA evaluators.

Drills are plenty and the talented prospects are all prepared for the chance to shine. The NBA Draft Combine is no easy feat to work through. This is tomorrow’s talent, and while the top NBA stories are coming from playoff basketball, the next generation of stars are quietly making a name for themselves in the background.


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