Petty Party

Area 21 Pettiness

Celtics Reunion Awkwardly Painful to Watch on Area 21

Smell that? That there is pettiness in the air. A room full of it.

On Area 21 earlier this week, the segment run by Kevin Garnett, the Hall of Fame bound power forward had a few of his old buddies on the show. Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis, and Sam Cassell were all present for a 2008 Boston Celtics championship reunion. Even former Celtics coach Doc Rivers was their via satellite much to the chagrin of ‘Big Baby’ Davis.

One face was not so oddly missing. Ray Allen, the third star in the Celtics ‘Big 3’ was no where to be seen, nor was he invited.

Allen, who left the team in free agency in order to join the enemy Miami Heat, was the main topic of the segment and boy was it painfully awkward. Rondo, who has had many clashes with Allen while in Boston was rightfully quiet and didn’t say a word.

But the crew of retired Celtics? Well, they let their former teammate have it.

Picture a bunch of old people, happily or unhappily retired airing dirty laundry in the bingo hall. That is what this segment was all about. Some next level pettiness.

Did Allen handle his departure the right way? Definitely not, but as a player he has a right to choose whichever team he wants in free agency. The luxury of a contract expiring.

He could have spoke to his then former teammates after making the decision to sign with the Heat, but at the end of the day, Allen was a vital part to their championship win and he gave the Celtics all the devotion and work he was obligated to. The Celtics believed they had one more chance to compete, only to realize that Allen jumped off the boat before it swam out to sea and sank just a year later.

Area 21 is a great segment, and ‘The Big Ticket’ has surprisingly been incredible in his new gig. The hardcore, loud-mouthed superstar has taken that part of his game to Hollywood and he is succeeding in front of the camera, but this segment was simply a bunch of adults acting like children.

It has been a few years since Allen has left the Celtics, but if as Davis said, this championship victory was bigger than every individual who contributed to it becoming a reality, maybe it is time to move on and making amends with one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Or maybe because there is enough tension in the world, the last thing we need is to watch athletes getting petty and throwing shade towards their peers on a nationally televised show. Sports is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart.

The 2008 Celtics do not have to become best buddies with Allen again, but seriously, come on.

Time to grow up!


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