Young Entrepreneur Taking Over NBA

Mo's Bows Takes Over NBA

Teen’s Mo’s Bows Inked to a Deal by the NBA

Moziah Bridges is a 15-year old boy from Memphis, Tennessee. Only, he is not just your typical, every day 15-year old boy.

Since the age of nine, Mo started his own bow tie business – a family-run company in his home town of Memphis.

How successful has the business been?

Well, the teen has sold over $300,000-worth of bow ties and men’s accessories since commencing his business ventures. His current-day net worth, is upward of $500,000. In 2015, Bridges served as the fashion correspondent of the 2015 NBA draft, as well as received an invitation to the inaugural white house demo day where he had the opportunity to meet former president, Barack Obama. The young entrepreneur did not come empty-handed either, gifting Mr. Obama a unique ‘Obama Blue’ Mo’s Bow.

Well, a few days ago, Bridges got more exciting company news, which he revealed to the entire world when he came on the FOX Business Network, where he spoke how an appearance on ESPN led to the NBA contracting the 15-year old.

“I was…about 14 and they [ESPN] hired me to be a fashion correspondent and then after that I guess the NBA said that, ‘oh, Mo is a cool guy that makes cool ties.’”

With the contract in hand, this deal allows Bridges to promote his product with the help of some of the biggest NBA stars, including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry.

“This deal means that I can sell in more arenas and possibly I get to give the ties to some of the team players that can wear them.”

In terms of prices, Bridges says that “for one of these NBA bowties it would be $50 for the necktie and it would be $45 for the bowtie.”

Not too shabby for just a 15-year old kid. Mo’s Bows shall now be a big hit on the NBA scene.


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