Melo Opens Up on Fashion

Melo Discusses Fashion, Brand with Gotham Magazine

Anthony Opens up on Fashion, Brand in Interview with Gotham Magazine

For Carmelo Anthony, he has seen it all in his 14-seasons in the league.

The Syracuse alum was drafted by the Denver Nuggets, played under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden in ‘The Big Apple’, and is now set to write a new chapter of his NBA career as part of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Through it all, Melo changed as a basketball player, matured as an individual, and grew as a fashion icon.

On the Oklahoma City Thunder he will not be the only revolutionary stylistic mind, but similarly to Russell Westbrook, Melo has his own sense of style, his own ideas on fashion, and his own very different fashion brand.

“I used to look to the urban world to know what’s hot and what’s not,” says Anthony in an interview with Laurence Chandler for Gotham Magazine. “And I loved those trends. I knew that every time I went to these urban places, I could tell what’s hot, because those people are very honest and it’s always about setting a new trend, not piggybacking off what’s out there. That’s what I was always into, because I was a product of my environment.”

Melo Opens Up on Brand, Fashion with Gotham Magazine

Credit: Gotham Magazine

The fact is, Melo’s sense of style has undergone major changes as he evolved and grew into the individual he is today. From the streetwear that he used to rock in his rookie days, to what he sports now, the difference is clear. You see a more mature Carmelo Anthony, one who has grown into a brilliant fashion mind.

“I can tell you what, I was part of the reason they decided to change the rule,” Melo tells his interviewer. ” [At first it was] plain white T-shirts and throwback jerseys. All the basketball players, we come from that. We felt right at home. We didn’t really understand the business behind the game of basketball at that time. They had to break it down to us. [Then] fashion started scaling higher. Fashion houses started catering more to athletes and started making suits. We took that, and I think it worked for the fashion world and for us as athletes. Once we started to understand it, that’s when you saw everybody focusing on their look, their image, what they wanted to wear. Stylists started becoming bigger and bigger. It had an impact on the culture, on music, hiphop, cars, everything.”

Melo Talks Fashion

Credit: Gotham Magazine

Anthony then adds: “We look forward to that now—to working with the fashion world. When I first came into the NBA, you got joked on for going to fashion shows. Now it’s part of the lifestyle. We look forward to seeing what’s hot and what’s not. You can even look at different styles and think, I could see this player in this or this player in that, because you know their styles.”

As his NBA career continues it will be exciting to watch how many more layers Melo adds to his fashion brand!


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