Class is now in Session

Class is Now in Session

Steph Curry to Teach Virtual Basketball Classes Online to Youth

Class is now in session.

As part of a partnership with MasterClass, Stephen Curry will be running his very own virtual basketball classes to youth. The website offers 15-lessons with Professor Curry for just $90. The Golden State Warriors superstar will break down mechanics, drills, mental attitude, as well as scoring techniques.

“Then see through Stephen’s eyes as he analyzes NBA game footage to help you elevate your basketball IQ” is what the program boasts.

The opportunity to use his platform to educate the youth about the game of basketball, Curry has clearly found a way to get through the uneventful Warriors regular season.

“For me, it’s a cool learning process because I actually get to articulate a lot of the things that are pretty natural to me, but it might not be natural to others,” Curry told ESPN. “It came together really nicely. The visuals and the production are unbelievable. It allows me to explain all the things that I do to get better.

“There is no dunking chapter. So, if you’re looking for that, then this is the wrong place to go.”

Take advantage of the opportunity and learn from one of the game’s best!

“I want people to see how I invest in my game, how I train, what I do in my workouts and what’s my mental approach,” Curry said. “The goal is for everybody to get better and enjoy basketball more. I want them to push and challenge themselves and hopefully they see the game differently.”


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