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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Showing Flare Both On and Off the Floor

One of the biggest renaissance stories in the early goings of the season has been the play of Boston Celtics’ sophomore Jaylen Brown.

How can you not just love and gravitate towards the 21-year old athletic phenom.

With the season thought to be lost before it even got a chance to really start following the loss of All-Star Gordon Hayward, Brown has stepped into the role left behind by the injured star and has taken off to heights no one thought was possible – at least this early in Brown’s career.

He is electrifying, youthful, hard-working and above all, one of the biggest reasons as to why the Celtics haven’t lost a game in their last 15-contests.

With the sauce that the young Celtics’ swingman shows on the floor, he displays the same swagger off the hardwood in the world of fashion. Similar to his unique flare on the floor, he has his own flare for style and he showcases it whenever he can.

“It’s not a statement. It’s just me being comfortable,” Brown tells B/R Mag. “People took notice ’cause I’m doing it in the NBA now, but I did it in college, and I did it in high school. Some people give me credit for the trend, but I don’t want credit. I’m just being myself.”

It’s simply yet his own, as Brown sports jackets, sneakers, and nothing really that looks flashy like the style most NBA players rock nowadays. It’s an old school look that Brown is bringing back to the mainstream.

Too Much Sauce

Credit: B/R Mag

Now sponsored by Nordstrom, Brown can really push his style to the next level, while still keeping it how he likes it – simple and fashionable.

“I can’t sum up my fashion because it’s still changing,” Brown says. “How I dress is probably going to be completely different from five years from now. People will come at me telling me to wear this or wear that. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. They couldn’t pay me to wear it. If it’s something I can rock with, I’ll rock it. I’m more interested in being completely authentic to me. In my opinion, being myself is making a statement.”

Too Much Sauce

Credit: B/R Mag

As the Celtics continue their season, Brown will remain a mainstay in how the team operates on both ends of the floor and once the bright lights at TD Garden are off, the camera will remain on the Berkley alum.

“At Berkeley, you wore a hoodie and pajamas and Birkenstocks, and that’s swag,” Brown says. “I was so thrown off. What I thought was cool wasn’t cool no more, so I thought about what I actually liked. I started experimenting. I started wearing Birkenstocks. I wanted to dive into the culture.”

Too Much Sauce

Credit: B/R Mag

After an up-and-down rookie season, Jaylen Brown is only getting started and not just on the basketball court!


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