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For Phoenix Suns’ Marquese Chriss, NBA Lifestyle is All Business

What is a one-and-done player?

One that plays only one season in college. Maybe a player with  very high upside, but in need of polishing and development, or quite simply, a 19-year old teenager with a lot of growing left to do and a need to mature.

For Marquese Chriss, the 20-year old Phoenix Suns forward, maturity is something he was almost born with. A certain determination, makeup, and focus on the task at hand. Drafted eighth overall in the 2016 NBA Draft out of Washington, Chriss’ athleticism has taken the league by storm, and despite the fact that his offensive game still has a lot of development left, his tough-minded, all-business mentality is something that has not gone unnoticed.

“ I don’t know about others, but I don’t,” Says Chriss referring to whether the party lifestyle of the NBA has been a big part of his transition into the league. “I just try to stay in the room, try to relax. Try to take in my body and pretty much just stay focused. I think that going into new cities, it’s just something we have to mature about, be able to go somewhere and handle business.”

That same mentality is what will allow Chriss to grow into a very dependable and versatile NBA player. Currently in his second year in the league, Chriss has averaged 8.4-points and 4.3-rebounds per game, across limited minutes, but he definitely understands that the bulk of the work is put in when the bright lights of the NBA game are off.

“I think for the most part it’s a job,” Says Chriss. “So when you are on a business trip, you need to treat it as such. I think you need to handle business as best as you can. There are some things that are distractions that you can avoid, I think that you should. You know, just try to do the best to just handle business I think is the biggest thing I can say.”

In rebuilding mode, it is players like Chriss that give the Phoenix Suns hope and a vision for the future. Off the court, Chriss is different from most young players. A more quiet and reserved personality away from the game, Chriss lives a laid-back lifestyle, which revolves around him constantly obsessing over getting better and improving at his craft.

“First and foremost I love to sleep, that’s probably my biggest hobby, just relaxing, watching TV, I play a lot of video games,” says the baby-faced, 6’10” forward.

Of course, the rebuilding process is only in its infancy for the Suns and who knows how long it will take until the Suns turn into perennial playoff contenders. The only thing they can do is focus on developing their young players and do everything in their power to move in the right direction. On Chriss’ front, it doesn’t seem like turning 21 is something he is especially crazy about.

The Suns found themselves a good one!


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