The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

What Top Six Contending NBA Teams Should Want for Christmas

It’s the holiday season and the festivities of Christmas are just getting started, but lest we forget, there is still a lot of basketball left to be played.

With 30-games already behind us, it is safe to assume who the elite NBA teams are. It’s really not too difficult to realize that there are six teams in the NBA who have a legitimate shot at the NBA Finals, while the other 24-teams – well – a playoff spot would be nice. A good lottery pick is the flip side of the coin.

In light of the holiday spirit, we decided to help the league’s elite out, simply because who doesn’t want a present from Santa? So without further adieu, here is the perfect Christmas gift for each of the top six teams in the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Get I.T. Back Healthy

This one is a no-brainer.

Isaiah Thomas is a two-time All-Star, coming off a season in which he averaged nearly 30-points for a top seed Boston Celtics squad. If the Cavaliers are to reach the NBA Finals, they will need all the help they can get to take down whichever team that stands in their way of the championship. An extra playmaker, especially one who averaged 28.9-points per game just a year ago, could just do the trick.

Houston Rockets – Staying Hot from Long Range

The Houston Rockets cracked the code to beating the Golden State Warriors – at least they believe they have.

All it takes is to just outscore them.

Easier said than done, but technically outscoring the opposition helps win games. For the Rockets to beat the Warriors, it means they will have to keep making three-pointers – and a lot of them. If they can get as hot as they can, winning four out seven games could very well become a reality.

Boston Celtics – Survive Without Hayward

After what was believed to be a lost season, various reports suggested that the Boston Celtics could get Gordon Hayward back if they are to make a deep playoff push.

The team’s job now is quite simple – survive until you receive your star forward back.

Currently occupying the top spot in the Eastern conference Finals, the Celtics will need to avoid both the Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors as much as humanly possible. Take one series at a time and hope they can remain in the one-seed, while the Cavs and Raptors grab two and three in whichever order.

San Antonio Spurs – Keep Aldridge Involved

As per usual, the San Antonio Spurs are one of the best teams in the entire league.

What makes them even scarier is that Kawhi Leonard is back into the fold. The important thing to keep note of is that while he was nursing his injury, LaMarcus Aldridge was the driving force of this Spurs team, revering back to his Portland days. With Leonard back, it is vital that the Spurs do not forget about the big fella in the paint and keep feeding Aldridge and giving him his touches.

Aldridge must play a big role on this team if the Spurs are to return to championship glory.

Toronto Raptors – Trust the Process

Ironically, we are not talking about a certain other team when referencing ‘Trusting the Process’.

The Toronto Raptors look like a completely different team this year. They are distributing the ball better, they are playing at a faster pace, and in general are a more exciting team to watch. The goal is crystal clear. They must continue to rely on this style of basketball and continue to trust the new offensive system that the coaching staff is promoting.

So far so good, but the Raptors must keep it up.

Golden State Warriors – Remain Focused

It’s clear that the best team in the NBA resides in the Bay Area.

After blowing past their competition the past three regular season, while being a sure lock for a Finals berth, the Warriors number one roadblock will always be themselves. The NBA season is a marathon. It is 82-grueling games, there’s a preseason, and then there’s the playoffs. There is no team that can handle a Warriors team playing at its best, which is exactly why the Warriors must keep the pedal on the metal if they hope to repeat as champions.


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