Family Drama Surfacing

Family Drama Getting Ugly

Over a Year After his Death, Sager Family Drama Surfacing in Ugly Way

Known as one of the most warm-hearted and genuine personalities in the history of sports television, nearly two years after his tragic death, family drama is surfacing in an ugly way around Craig Sager.

On Tuesday, Sager’s son, Craig Sager II tweeted openly about how his father has cut his sister and himself from his will, alluding to a strained relationship between the kids and their stepmother.

On Wednesday morning, Craig’s sister issued a public statement of her own, not hiding her feeling regarding stepmom Stacy Sager. Kacy spoke of the horrifying story surrounding her father’s death. Sager passed away of leukaemia in December 2016.

Detailing how her late father started an affair with their stepmother while Craig was still married to his previous wife, while also touching how her stepmother prevented Kacy from seeing her dying father during his last days. Kacy also accused Stacy of excluding her brother from family matters despite the younger Craig twice donating bone marrow to his father.


“You see, when your version of reality is so riddled with delusion and revisionist bulls*** and conveniently selective amnesia being the good guy often hinges on your ability to label others as evil,” Kacy wrote.

“It’s why she poured her saccharine nonsense into that Players’ Tribune piece, telling the world about their epic courtship, all while neglecting to mention that he was married throughout it.”

The situation only continued to turn uglier as Kacy stood behind her brother’s earlier tweets.

“I refuse to keep my mouth shut when uniformed ***holes try to diminish my brother’s character or accomplishments,” Kacy’s statement reads. “He specifically said he never wanted to contest the will, and a few miserable s***bricks still accused him of only caring about the money. It’s false and gross, and they should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a total stranger for a moment of honesty.”

In what has been an ugly and upsetting situation that should never have reached the public eye, the only thing left is to wait for a resolution and to hope that it comes sooner rather than later.


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