Founder of the NBA?

Founder of the NBA?

LaVar Ball has Interesting New Title at the Start of 2018

Go home Google, you’re Drunk.

It seems like not everyone has yet recovered from the New Year’s Eve. On Tuesday morning, a google glitch nearly tricked the entire world in believing that LaVar Christopher Ball was the founder of the National Basketball Association. I must preface what you will see next by saying, this is not a photoshop – I had to google this myself to confirm its validity.

Welcome to 2018.

“Clearly we dropped the ball,” a Google spokesperson hilariously told ESPN. “We’re taking a timeout to huddle around the issue and expect to rebound soon.”

First off, it now seems like Adrian Wojnarowski even has sources close to google, and secondly, Ball was born in 1967, quite some time after NBA’s inaugural season. In fact, the 24-second shot clock wasn’t implemented until 1954, 13-years before Ball got his start on this planet.

While a funny glitch, Google may have slightly confused leagues as the Big Baller Brand patriarch has confirmed his plans on starting the Junior Basketball Association, a program that will pay top ranked amateur basketball players while they prepare for NBA Draft eligibility.

The world now waits for LaVar to respond. Stay tuned.


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