First Impression: Round 1

Round 1 First Impression

How Have the NBA’s Best Attempt to Impress with Their Style in Round 1?

Similar to how the NBA’s best players step up their game on the hardwood come playoff time, the fashion game is also taken one step further.

The bright lights are on.

It’s no longer the regular season and the A-game comes out, and by no means does any NBA star wish to disappoint the NBA fanbase. Of course, when does Russell Westbrook ever disappoint, right?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best and most interesting fashion decision of the first round!

Paul George

Locked in! #PlayoffP

A post shared by Paul George (@ygtrece) on

Getting Locked into the playoffs starts with what you rock to the arena and PG13 knows the drill!

Joel Embiid

Despite missing Games 1 and 2, Joel Embiid made his playoff debut in style!

Shaun Livingston


A post shared by Shaun Livingston (@sdot1414) on

The key is to win the first one and to do it in style!

Serge Ibaka

Easily “the most stylish man in the NBA”.

Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony

Melo made the conscious¬†decision to rock the nice jacket, while Westbrook, well, he’s Russell Westbrook.


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