Dark Days, Darker Nights

DeRozan Struggling

Another Cryptic Social Media Message from DeRozan has Fans Worrying

Around the NBA All-Star Break, Toronto Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan sent out a cryptic tweet referencing song lyrics siting his own depression.

The NBA family and its fanbase immediately came to the support of the Compton-native and eventually DeRozan as well as Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers united for a joint campaign against anxiety. Love, who was inspired by DeRozan’s strength, penned his very own story for  The Players’ Tribune.

“When we get to speak out against something that’s bigger than basketball — something outside of the conversation of basketball — it’s important, man,” DeRozan said. “A lot of people suffer from a lot of things. They’re afraid to share, they’re afraid to bring to the light and be better. It starts very young. It goes a long way. So anything that’s beneficial to [bringing] this to light and being happier, that’s what it’s all about.”

On Tuesday morning, DeMar DeRozan posted an Instagram story with the caption “Dark days, darker nights” which got Raptor fans worrying that DeRozan is struggling yet again.

“Could this be a reference to his mental health, or is this just something completely unrelated,” a Raptors fan asked on Reddit. “I hope he’s just enjoying a song but man, hope it’s not him going through something.”

The Raptors said in a statement that neither them nor DeRozan will comment on the Instagram post. Whether DeRozan is still struggling with the same mental issues or not, we hope that the All-Star guard seeks out the help he needs.


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