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Top 5 Workout Basketball Tools

5 Workout Tools that NBA Players Use to Improve Their Game on the Court

Of course all NBA players must prioritize weight training and getting stronger.

In fact, the Los Angeles Lakers are pushing former second overall pick Lonzo Ball to use the summer offseason to get stronger in order to keep up with some of the stronger backcourts in the league. Being stronger and more muscular definitely has its perks in a league filled with some of the stronger, more athletic athletes in the world, but improved skills and agility on the floor can also go a long way for any NBA player.

To improve ins all aspects of the game, NBA players choose to use certain tools in their workouts – tools that can allow them to train better and smarter.

5. Pylons

Cone drills are essential for basketball players at any level.

With an emphasis on not only improving ball-handling skills, using pylons in your daily basketball training allows players to improve their agility, acceleration, and hand quickness.

4. Ladder

A tool that Andre Iguodala has used to become a better player on both ends of the floor, ladder drills can help improve footwork, agility, emphasizing fast twitch muscle fiber activation.

3. Tennis Ball

A drill that has become very popular among guards, most notably Steph Curry, tennis ball drills are effective in improving dribbling, ball-handling, and reaction time.

2. Boxes/Stools

Want to jump as high as NBA players?

Box jumps are key in improving vertical leap as well as overall athleticism and explosiveness.

1. Resistance Bands

A tool used to improve explosiveness, resistance bands are also necessary in enhancing mobility, overall athleticism and strength.


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