Changes in How we Scout

Change in How we Scout

NBA Technological Revolution Will See Changes in How Game is Scouted

The game is no longer about the basics.

To get ahead of the curve, technology and analytics allows for advancements in how NBA teams look at scouting. Scouting reports are no longer simply about the eye test – how physically mature a kid coming out of high school looks or how high a guy’s vertical is. NBA teams now aim to find new ways to evaluate the draft in an effort to find the hidden gems that fall through the cracks due to the basic methods that have been implored for years on end.

The Toronto Raptors have entered a partnership with IBM for the purpose of using data-driven player analysis to put together a more complete, revolutionary scouting report on prospects. This data aggregator would essentially spit out everything from what skills, to what personality, to what type of player the Raptors are missing.

Data-driven science is becoming the key tool for NBA teams and its importance may one day eliminate the classic form of scouting all together. In today’s age, to win in the NBA, a team must always be ahead of the game technologically and analytically. A team must create the next brilliant idea and the Raptors among many other teams are clearly striving to be the next game-changing squad on the horizon.

The game is always changing.


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