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Strengthening the Stomach

Brian McLellan11 Mar 20110 comments

 What do you mean, stomach fat?You're probably not heavy, not by a long shot. There's barely an oun...

Three Yoga Techniques That Relax Your Shoulders

Brian McLellan17 Jan 20110 comments

 I'm pretty bad when it comes to proper stretching. After I lift weights, I usually just take a sho...

Cardio In A Small Space?

Brian McLellan06 Dec 20100 comments

It’s wintertime, and there’s snow on the ground. How do you stay active? The wind outside is ...

Core Training for Basketball

Igor Klibanov16 Jul 20100 comments

Core training is all the rage these days, and the theories and methodologies of core training are so mind...

Jump Higher, Run Faster

The Fitness Professional21 May 20100 comments

In my previous article, I discussed what plyometrics are and what they aren’t, and I gave you a lit...


The Fitness Professional26 Apr 20100 comments

Plyometrics are a form of training that athletes often use to increase their power and speed. You may hav...

Strength Training

The Fitness Professional24 Mar 20100 comments

These days, almost every professional basketball player performs some sort of strength training. And why ...

Fitness Basics for Basketball

Igor Klibanov14 Mar 20100 comments

You’ve been playing basketball for a while now, and you’re starting to take it more seriously...


Test01 Jan 20100 comments


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