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Investments 101

Editorial Staff05 Sep 20130 comments

Sitting on fortunes inherited from long ago, the rich have historically earned their walking around mone...

Meet the New Superowner

Editorial Staff29 Aug 20130 comments

 The Brooklyn Nets are paying over $100 million in luxury tax for the 2013-2014 season. They’...

Profiles in GM Excellence: Sam Presti

Editorial Staff23 Aug 20130 comments

It’s hard to equate Sam Presti with excellence - especially if you live in Seattle. As GM of the S...

Pay to Play: The Stadium Scam

Editorial Staff16 Aug 20130 comments

On May 15th, plans to build a new arena for the Sacramento Kings were finalized. Part of a long effort ...

The World’s Richest Basketball Teams

Editorial Staff08 Aug 20130 comments

This game is all about money. At least, if you ask the owners anyway. Tickets at MSG can cost thousands...

The Luxury Tax: Who’s Paying, Who Gets Paid

Editorial Staff02 Aug 20130 comments

In signing Andrei Kirilenko, the Brooklyn Nets are paying the San Antonio Spurs around $4.2 million per y...

Where to Invest Next?

Editorial Staff25 Jul 20130 comments

At this point, investing in China is pointless. Everybody who’s going to make their money over the...

Profiles in GM Excellence: Joe Dumars

Editorial Staff19 Jul 20131 comments

Too often than not we end up talking about terrible GMs and ex players making decisions that tank the org...

The Most Lucrative Endorsements Ever

Editorial Staff11 Jul 20130 comments

Sports is about money. It’s why you’re paying $60 for a terrible seat that doesn’t eve...

Five Types of NBA Owner

Editorial Staff02 Jul 20130 comments

Fire Isiah. That was the chant going round Madison Square Garden back in 2008, when the Knicks were in th...

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