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Winter boot Ideas for Men
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Winter time poses a fashion challenge to anyone looking to remain both stylish and warm. Winter footwear can tend to be especially bulky; so if you’re not careful, you may end up looking more like a sherpa instead of the hip and trendy man-about-town that you are.
If you plan on doing some serious hiking this winter, the following boots may not be for you. However, those of you who plan to stay within the cozy urban walls of the city, these sleek and stylish boots will fair just fine.

The “Perforated Wingtip Lace-up Boot” by Shoto, available at Barneys, combines the practicality of winter wear with a touch of class. The classic broguing design keeps this boot from appearing too clunky while the razor design of the treads ensures this boot is ready to take on any icy sidewalk you may come across. Hand made in Italy and at $495 a pair, the “Perforated Wingtip Lace-up Boot” by Shoto is a simple way to update your winter look.

An alternative to the traditional black boot can be found in the “Apsley Boot” by the English brand, Nigel Cabourn x Viberg. Available in a rich shade of chestnut, this distressed leather boot manages to incorporate the perfect mixture of a hiking boot while maintaining a downtown style. The gold hardware proves to be a welcomed change from the average lace-up boot, and the sturdy leather laces are made to hold up through winter’s wear and tear. The sole will also last through future winters as it was produced by Goodyear Welter, a company whose craftsmanship is world renowned for its top quality in shoe design. The “Apsley Boot” is available at $1,450 a pair and is exclusively sold at Barneys.

For those of you who are looking for a more casual style, the Sorel “Kitchener Forst” boot has a great look and they are also quite affordable. This classic leather and rubber boot is ideal for frigid weather and is designed to keep your feet perfectly dry with its water proof shell. This style come in traditional “java” and “boulder” colours which makes it simple to incorporate these boots into all your winter outfits. At $195 this style is available to order through www.sorelfootwear.ca
Posted on Dec 24, 2012


Guest: The kitchener forst seems to be good for my budget, thanks!

Replied on Dec 30, 2012 @ 1:34 PM

Guest: Great article. Love the first two boots, but alas, the Sorels might be my only realistic option.

Replied on Jan 1, 2013 @ 11:45 PM

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