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Decked out in a Diesel t-shirt, boot-cut slim fitted Guess jeans, Gucci leather loafers, Prada sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton leather bag is a man with exceptional fashion sense.

These labels are not only well-known to Hollywood stars, fashionistas, style gurus and the general public. Basketball players also posses the wisdom of how to dress it up, when they’re not sweating on the court in a jersey, shorts and sneakers. is an online magazine set to bring you, the fans, all the gossip, fashion and insider info that goes on behind the scenes with these NBA superstars. It’s a full access backstage pass into the lives of guys like Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard Daniel Gibson.

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, or sport whatever the media dubs as the hottest fashion trends. Some things should be left on the runway. Fashion is expensive, especially when you’re admiring anything high-end. With some shopping around you can find a chic, trendy outfit without putting yourself in debt.

“(It’s about) just letting your personality show, whatever way that is,” Gibson tells “Money definitely helped, as a kid you never had much, but even when (I) didn’t have much I still found ways to be as dressed as I could be.”

Gibson himself enjoys the likes of Luis Vuitton, and admits Gucci is also a personal favourite. So would this b-ball pro ever launch his own clothing label and join the ranks of much loved designers like Armani or Ralph Lauren?

“A lot of the things I do and a lot of the things I wear, I see (many) people trying,” he says. “As far as me coming up with ideas, I don’t know about that (yet).”

As you’ll find out, these guys have an appreciation for fashion and quite enjoy dressing up. You’ll be getting the inside scoop on their closets, their eating habits, the music they’re downloading onto their music players, and where they love to chill out and unwind when they’re not throwing a ball around or on the road travelling.

From head to toe, right down to the type of boxers or briefs these guys love to wear, promises to take you up close and personal with these athletes. Whether it’s inside or outside the locker room, you’ll have the answers to your questions at the tips of your fingers. It’s all just a click away.


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