What’s Hot and What’s Not


When it comes to fashion, women have throwing an outfit together down to an art. Men on the other hand, often need a little nudge in the right direction. Or so we think.

Our counterparts really do put a lot of thought and effort into choosing the right look, from their tops to bottoms, shoes and even accessories. After all ladies, what man doesn’t enjoy looking good?

The winter season is usually chalk-full of monochromatic colours – in other words, boring and unadventurous. Grey, black and white and lest we forget navy, usually make up a man’s winter collection. But, not anymore.

Men are pushing the boundaries in 2010 with fun colours, styles and patterns. The smart casual look is very hot, a personal favourite. A pair of fitted jeans with a stylish sport jacket and printed t-shirt in red or aqua blue makes for quite the sexy look.

Don’t go with faded light-blue jeans. It’s not summertime. Instead try a pair of faded black or a darker colour of denim. And boys, don’t do track pants off the court unless you’re working out.

Rocker tees, or simple printed tees, are also huge now and available at retailers like Hollister Co, Abercrombie and Fitch, Bluenotes and Aeropostale to list a few. Do dress up your jeans with a collared shirt and a black or brown pair of loafers.

Try a colourful track jacket from Nike, Adidas, Ed Hardy or even Michael Kors. Throw on a fitted white or black t-shirt, a pair of casual pants or jean, a casual pair of sneakers – et voila. C’est finis.

When you get down to it, it’s about what you feel comfortable in without looking like you’re ready to go workout or just walked out of your grandfather’s closet. So guys, be daring, have fun and trust your gut instincts.

Popular fashion changes constantly. Perhaps one needs to have a fashion consultant by one’s side, at all times, to be sure to be fashionable. Everyone wants to be in style. With styles and trends always changing, how can one know what it takes to make it to be stylish? Sports stars, especially in the National Basketball Association are major trend setters for high fashion, locally and internationally. 

Keeping up with new fashion is possibly as complex as keeping up with sports scores and sports statistics. The challenge is being able to maintain an adaptable mindset that can sense fashion for the future. 


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