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It’s one thing to be a dapper dresser. It’s another to have superb taste in music. And it’s something else altogether to be a man about town, with a resplendent social life and days packed with fun and friends. To be the man who has all of these things going at once, however, is nothing short of an art. Follow us through a Saturday of the guy who’s got it all, and pick up some ideas for yourself on how to spend your weekends from here on in!

8:00 a.m: After a bit of a lie-in (it is Saturday, after all), he pulls on a pair of track pants and a Ralph Lauren Pima Waffle Hoodie ($225), ties up his Y-3 for adidas Tomotaks ($200) and heads out to park for a jog, wherein he paces himself to the duration of Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Days (available on iTunes) for an hour to keep up with his fitness. Afterwards, he leisurely strolls back home, making a quick stop at a local cafe for a latte and a bagel and checking in on his BlackBerry to ensure that he has no leftover business from a busy Friday at the office to attend to on the otherwise beautiful and relaxing morning in the heart of the city.

11:00 a.m: With Zirh’s Restore moisturizer ($32.50) set in on his face post-shower and shave, he gets changed into a classic pair of Levi’s 509’s and crisp button-down shirt from Abercrombie and walks down the block to the Soho Metropolitan (318 Wellington Street West) where he’s meeting some old friends from college for lunch and drinks. They’re from out of town and don’t know the city as well as he does, so he directs them towards the waterfront where they can stroll around, enjoy the sights and do some shopping before they head over to the Air Canada Center later in the evening to catch a Raptors game.

3:00 p.m: After scouring Play De Record (357 Yonge Street) for rare vinyl imports of his favorite bands that may have made their way to the racks throughout the past week, he stops in at the Civello salon for a quick trim to keep his hair looking sharp (269 Queen Street West) and dials up a woman he met last weekend at Cheval nightclub to join him at Ultra Supper Club (314 Queen Street West) for dinner and dancing as of 7 p.m. With a spritz of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver ($85), he dashes off to meet her after spending some down time in front of the television catching up on The Wire.

11:00 p.m: Him and the lady hit it off at dinner and decide to continue their evening together with a stop in at the Toronto alt-country haunt, The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Avenue) to meet up with friends and take in some live music and before going back to his place for the night. Ever the gentleman, he helps her with her coat before pulling on his Burberry London Raincoat ($595) and hails them a cab before settling in with a vintage bottle of red wine and the sounds of Thievery Corporation’s The Mirror Conspiracy (available on iTunes) coming out of his speaker system.

3:00 a.m: Well that would be a bit private, wouldn’t it? Let’s just say that it involves sheets of a very high thread count and that Thievery Corporation album on repeat.


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