Style Without the Money


The term ‘investment piece’ is thrown about quite often in the world of fashion, and not without good reason. A great fitting pair of jeans and the perfect suit will arguably take your wardrobe a long way, but that being said, having style isn’t necessarily about having a favorite designer or the money to afford their wares. You’ll often find that even the most stylish and successful basketball players in the world, Chris Bosh being a perfect example in this case, don’t name a go-to designer or brand who fulfills all of their style needs, but rather determine their own look through their personal preference and creativity, which money is most certainly not required to develop!

Jarred Jack’s teammates believe him to be an ultimate style star off the court, but speaking more closely with him we discovered that his view on the clothing he dons has more to do with “doing your own thing and staying true to yourself” than it does wearing the latest J. Lindeberg collection head to toe; which isn’t to say that Jack doesn’t do that as well – but unless your salary is headed into the seven figure range this year, $4000 suit jackets may be a little harder to come by for you.

Shops like Zara, H&M and The Gap all stock wonderful designer-inspired clothing that will leave you looking good depending on how you style yourself and, moreover, enough money in your pocket to actually go out and enjoy looking sharp. If you are to invest in expensive designer clothing, keep in mind that the best deals are often found online and not in the shops. Take into account your attitude, look and lifestyle, and only purchase pieces that you know will be just as applicable to your life on a Friday night as they are on a Monday morning at the office. Designer belts, watches and shoes are great pieces to look out for phenomenal sales on when the seasons are changing, so stake out Holt Renfrew in the transitory months (March and September most specifically) and you’ll often score deals that make the luxury items you want to complete your look more attainable than they would be throughout the rest of the year.

Remember guys, even Lebron James subscribes to the notion that money helps, but you have to try to have style with what you’ve got, and all that takes is a little bit of self-reflection, creativity and the desire to look good.


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