Half time in review


We’re about a week away from All-Star weekend. It’s a great opportunity for players and staff to let their hair down, kick back and relax for a few days. This is a weekend packed with impossible parties to get into (that is, for you and me) and AllStar events that will require you to take out a second mortgage on your home.

It’s also a chance to take a look at your team’s midterm report card. Today, the Toronto Raptor’s will be taken to the principal’s office. They started the year by letting go of most of their roster, only leaving the big three – Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon and AllStar forward Chris Bosh. They resigned Bargnani, picked up Jerrett Jack and landed Big Shot Hedo Turkoglu (because he takes big shots). Toronto also put together a nice supporting cast, including first round draft pick DeMar DeRozan (aka DD).

Finally, there’s a glimmer of hope for Raptor fans with an opportunity to have a good year and a possible chance to keep their franchise player Chris Bosh. It’s a contract year for Bosh. He loves Toronto and he has given his sweat and blood for the city. But more than that, he loves to win, a game today, a championship tomorrow.

Toronto stumbled off the blocks, going 7 – 13 in the first two months. Some said that all the new faces need some time to get to know each other, time to mesh. Others said, their defense needed CPR (or a defibrillator). And their fifty five million dollar investment, Turkoglu, needed to step up and start earning his pay cheque.

The fans spoke their minds, actually screamed, and the players heard the message. Both Bosh and Bargnani have been playing off the hook. Jerrett Jack has taken over the starting point guard position, deservedly. And Calderon is leading the high flying, energizing second unit. Oh ya, what about the fifty five million dollar investment, I’ve only got one word to say, “BALL”.

Overall, Raptor fans should be impressed with their team’s turnaround. Going into the All-Star break, the Raptors are one of the hottest teams in the league. Since December they are 20 – 12, and have an impressive home record of 18-6.

So Mr. and Mrs. Raptor, your children may have a C+ grade but it’s a strong C+. And coming from a failing grade, you, your family and friends should be very proud. I have the utmost confidence that they will only continue to grow and strive to reach their very exciting potential. Maybe even Head of the class!


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