As if Drake and Virgin America didn’t already have enough to brag about, yesterday’s sky-high party hosted by Drake aboard the airline’s first-ever international flight from Los Angeles to Toronto marks yet another reason to love (and envy) the two unstoppable forces. The airline, which is barely three years old, is now officially flying non-stop from California’s west coast to Toronto.

Known for its hip, luxurious and fuel-efficient aircrafts, Virgin America sells a brand, not a plane ticket. The innovatively comfortable yet shockingly affordable planes (no really, tickets sell for as low as $174) housed the first leg of a day-long party that started in Los Angeles aboard the appropriately named plane, Air Drake, and ended in The Thompson Toronto luxury hotel.

The airline’s posh and trendy approach to modern-day flying definitely took it up a notch when the business giant partnered up with hip hop’s hottest hype, Toronto’s own Drake. Fresh off his win as Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards this past Sunday, Virgin America couldn’t have picked a more relevant, fashion-conscious artist for its launch party. And it doesn’t hurt Drake either. Thank Me Later, Drake’s 2010 album dropped on June 15 and is already dominating charts all across the billboard.

Drake hosted the Mile High Party along with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson and Virgin CEO, David Cush. Once jetting off from LAX, Air Drake made a stop at San Francisco where the trio, along with San Fran mayor, Gavin Newsom took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony and posed for photos before taking off for Toronto.

Along for the flight was media, VIPs and a number of lucky contest winners who sipped on cocktails and listened to live music as they crossed the Canada-US border. And in the typical social-media style of the new generation, they tweeted about it every 30 seconds.

Oh, didn’t we mention Virgin America offers WI-FI? That’s right. Internet 35, 000 feet in the sky. So if your boredom in Virgin’s signature mood-lit cabins can’t be dulled by the first-class massage seats, satellite TV or the 30, 000 song music library then you can Facebook all your friends and let them know how bored you are. But we can’t imagine you ever will be after today’s much anticipated Virgin bash set the pace.

Upon arrival in Toronto, Air Drake guests were greeted at Pearson Airport unlike any other – a red carpet tarmac reception where they got to mingle with Toronto VIPs. Because you know, chillin’ with hip hop’s hottest wasn’t enough. Now if only Nicki Minaj would perform with Drake at the Thompson Hotel launch party.
The cherry on top? Virgin ran a live web voting poll and readers named the new Canadian bird, The Spruce Moose. How fitting.

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