Cardio In A Small Space?


It’s wintertime, and there’s snow on the ground. How do you stay active? The wind outside is brutal and unrelenting, so jogging is out of the question. Christmas is pulling at your purse strings so it’s not time to take a look at that gym membership yet, and exercising in your home is getting harder: the decorations are up and things are getting cluttered. It’s hard to do burpees when the furniture seems to make your apartment smaller and smaller every day.

But you don’t have to sit like a blob! Here are four exercises you can do in a small space to get your heart rate up and those calories burning away!

All you need is enough space to comfortably stand in a squat position, and enough space to hold your arms out on either side of you.



The Plyo-Jack is the smaller, tougher cousin of the jumping jack, and the tiny space needed makes it a perfect fit for small apartments. My ceilings are so low I can’t even do a full jumping jack, but these babies are just right.

First, bring your feet together, with your knees bent. Bring your arms together in front of you, and then jump out into a squat, while raising your arms in a circle. Jump back to the first position, your knees still bent, while bringing your arms full circle again. Do twenty of these and then take a break. They sound easy, but you’ll feel your heart pound away.

Froggy Jumps


Froggy jumps are compact exercises, requiring just the space you need to make a squat. First, stand in the squat position, knees bent. Then jump into the air, touch your hands to the back of your head and click your heels together. Land back in the squat position. Do twenty, take a break, then repeat.

Squat Lifts


This is another easy exercise to get the heart racing and to build endurance. The only space needed is enough room to squat and enough room to hold your arms out in front of you.

You’ll also need a high enough ceiling to raise your arms as high as you can. You can either use a small weight, either five or ten pounds, or an exercise ball. Holding the weight in both hands, go into a squat.

Then, stand and hold the weight out at arm’s length. Bring the weight back to your chest, and then lift it as high as you can. Bring it back to your chest and return to the squat position. Repeat twenty times.

In my experience, this exercise is all killer, no filler. You’ll sweat like a champ.

Knee Smashes


This last exercise is great because it gets the whole body into it. Begin with your feet a good distance apart, and your hands by your sides. Then thrust your hands up to your left side and bring your right knee up in the same direction, twisting your body so you’re kneeing to your left. Bring your leg and your arms back down.

Repeat twenty times, and then switch direction: throw your arms to your right and bring your left knee up. Repeat twenty times, and then take a break. You’ve earned it!

No Space? No Problem!

See? If you’ve been following these instructions, you’ll find you’ve barely moved from your spot. Even if your roommate dumps all their things around you and you can barely walk because of all the clutter, you can still stay active!

These exercises are great because they can work anywhere and at any time. Good luck, cardio fans, and stay healthy!


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