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Okay, let’s see. Where are we now? Lots has happened since the Carmelo Anthony rumours began. The rumour factories have shifted into high gear over where Melo is heading, so gentlemen, let’s all start our speculation!
Ever since Anthony declined the contract extension with Denver last summer, the net has ignited with speculation on where he is likely to turn next. This kind of situation is made for making dramatic statements, and the blogosphere has been at it ever since it was heard that Anthony may want to go as a free agent, and Denver wants to trade come February.

Rumour mill Bleacher Report made a post on the 17th discussing Anthony’s “refusal to sign an extension contract unless he is traded to the New York Knicks”. Reportedly the contract is close to 85 million dollars. How that for a rumour? Melo is apparently not signing a contract unless he’s headed to the Apple.

The sources of this rumour indicate that Anthony has refused to play for the New Jersey Nets, despite their interest in him”. The Nets, however, seem damned interested in him, going after Anthony, having been in talks with the Nuggets for months. Yes, for months, starting all the way back in September. For onlookers, these sorts of dealings are where to watch.

As far as trading to the Knicks, more than a few onlookers have pointed out that the Knicks fans in New York screaming that they’d love to have Melo playing for them. Apparently, New Yorkers want their Carmelo Anthony.

Even more fun are Bleacher Report’s speculations about Chicago Chicago courting Melo to fill the void left after Joakim Noah’s recent injury”.

Following that rumour is a statement credited to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, saying that Orlando may sweep in to snatch Anthony up.

Anthony is a big ticket item at the moment, but the fun thing about these stories is that they’re rarely a done deal. We’re still at the speculation stage of things. After his game at Madison Square Gardens, he said to reporters that he would “sign a contract extension with whatever team he is traded to”, so a trade doesn’t seem out of the question.

Well, we’ll keep watching, and see what happens. Keep spreading rumours, fans!


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