Styling with Rajon Rondo


It seemed like Rajon Rondo had just waltzed onto the Boston Celtics in 2006 and emerged as one of the best point guards on the team.

In May 2010, GQ.Com listed him as their pick for the third best point guard in the NBA. On April 17, 2009, Red Bull chose him as the figurehead for their Boston’s Got Wings charity. In 2008 he became an NBA Champion and in 2010 he was selected to play in an NBA All-Star Game.

In the 2009-2010 season he averaged 13.7 points, 9.8 assists and 2.3 steals, becoming the first Celtic to lead the league in steals. In November 2009 the Boston Globe called him “the most vividly athletic player on the team”. It’s obvious that he is an incredible talent.

With a recent injury to his hamstring, there have been thoughts that Rondo may have to take an extended rest from the game. With a possible absence from the court coming up, it’s a good time to take a look at Rondo’s qualities off the court. He’s not only a great basketball player, but he’s also a stylish dresser.

When asked what being fashionable means to him, Rondo said, “Having your own style, not going on what the next man or the next person is wearing. It’s being unique and being different.” Unique certainly describes a lot of Rondo’s style, including one of his cars.

Signing onto Red Bull’s Boston’s Got Wings charity allowed Rondo to glide up to NBA games in the official Toyota Camry #82 Red Bull NASCAR stock car, a vehicle that suggests both speed and power, both of which define Rondo on the court.


That sense of uniqueness extends to Rondo’s emphasis on fashion and style. He says he was always styling, even as a kid. It’s not just money that can help your fashion; he says you need style too. We can certainly believe that. Just glancing at any of the Dime Magazine photo shoot suggests his keen grasp of how to look good.


Here Rondo sports a trim charcoal jacket with subtle pinstripes, matched with a smart, low-key striped tie that draws the eye and sets off the charcoal perfectly.


Even when talking to the press, Rondo leads the way in looking good, sporting a Gucci polo that contrasts red, black, and grey. He obviously knows his designers; when it comes to his favourites, he mentioned Thomas Pink, Bally, and Canali. But Rondo doesn’t always try only for the sharpest suit; he is also a master of mixing class with a casual look.


Rondo knew how to look good when interviewed by the Boston Globe, posing in a tasteful grey jacket over t-shirt and slacks.

Casualness has always been a factor with Rondo; he doesn’t always aim for the most expensive purchases. When he signed on for a five year, fifty-five million dollar contract, he took his family to eat at the comparatively inexpensive and casual Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain. His family loved the restaurant, and this shows that Rondo has a willingness to put family before image.

He might to have to take some time off to rest after his hamstring injury, and that will mean time for relaxing and listening to music. He said the top three artists on his playlist are R. Kelly, Drake and Keyshia Cole. We like to think he listens to his tunes in his excellent home entertainment room.


Rondo’s house is the kind of living space a talented champion can buy: a ton of square footage, large windows, an entertainment center and a personal exercise room. But just because he can lounge in a comfy chair doesn’t mean he can get soft on exercise.


Here, Rondo peruses his well-equipped exercise room in an attractive but casual white tee and Red Bull baseball cap. At home, Rondo chooses a comfortable and casual look.

It’s obvious that comfort means a lot to him, and so we popped the big question: boxers, briefs or boxer briefs? His reply? “Boxer briefs.”


Rondo stands next to his long-time girlfriend and college sweetheart Ashley Bachelor, whom he has been dating since they met at the University of Kentucky. Check out Rondo’s excellent choice in contrasting a red tie against a white jacket. Ashley Bachelor looks great in her elegant black and white dress. Its flattering cut shows off her curves and makes her more than a good match for Rondo.


Here Rondo poses in a beautiful charcoal suit set against a striped shirt and matching lavender tie and handkerchief. The man certainly understands how clothes work together. Would he ever consider designing his own? He says he doesn’t have the time.


Rondo’s incredible style continues in this photo from the Dime Magazine shoot. Here he shows us a snazzy, semi-casual look, combining slacks with a vest and tie ensemble over a loose white shirt. He gives the impression of someone who knows how to dress stylishly at the drop of a hat.

When we asked him who he thought the best dressed player in the locker room was, the man gave us a great answer, “Me.”

Well, Rondo, looking at these pictures and seeing your sense of style, it’s hard to disagree with you.


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