Dressing for the Blizzard

The winter has arrived with a vengeance. Snow is on the ground and the wind is howling, and with the holiday season still on, it’s likely you’ll be taking in more goodies and cookies than you ever would otherwise. I don’t know about you, but my diet has recently taken on an influx of gingerbread men, snack mixes, and chocolate. I didn’t go jogging today, and chances are, neither did you. It’s pretty darn cold out there.

Staying active during the winter can suck. We recently posted an article on cardio routines for cramped hermits, but sometimes you just need to get outside. Jogging and running still remains one of the best ways to get in shape.

Well, babies, don’t you panic. BALLnROLL.com has you covered. Here is the latest outdoor athletic gear, designed to make winter jogging less likely to leave you cold.

Time to Layer Up!

Inner Layer — Synthetic Long-Sleeved Shirt


Layering is important, and when you’re sweating, clothes with wicking is essential to get that sweat off your skin so you don’t feel the chill. Your inner layer should be designed to hold in heat and keep you dry. This attractive long-sleeve shirt is made of synthetic material to pull moisture from your skin. It’s light-weight and perfect as part of your outdoor anti-winter arsenal.

Pictured: Metal Tech Vent Shirt, Lululemon, $72

Middle Layer — Hoodie


Your middle layer should be all about trapping heat between inner layer and it. This double layered hoodie has a zip mock neck to keep your neck warm. The hoodie’s design is sporty and casual with an attractive lining and a ribbed trim.

Pictured: Double Layered Hoodie, Armani Exchange, $98

Outer Layer — Softshell Jacket


Your outer layer needs to be stylish but wind-resistant. It needs to be protective, a way to keep all the heat in. It’s an essential part of your arsenal, keeping the snow and windchill at bay.

Your suit jackets and cotton sweaters are for when you’re out on the town, but when you’re going for a tough run in the snow, you’ll want this rain-resistant softshell jacket. Designed to keep an athlete warm and dry, it will protect your other layers from the cold and continue to trap in heat. Its sharp lines are eye-catching and attractive.

Pictured: Skyscraper Softshell, Under Armour, $149.99



Synthetic tights are built for keeping in warmth and controlling moisture. These tights are made with luxtreme, have zipper pockets for storage and reflexive piping for late night running and sports. Snugly fitting and designed for maximum comfort and minimum chafing, these tights are your first and best defense against the winter.

Pictured: Surge Tight, Lululemon, $88



You’ll want these warm, synthetic athletic gloves specially designed for athletic activity. They’re light and lined with mesh and wicking material to keep your hands dry. As with the tights, they have reflective piping for running in the evening and in the early morning. Made of luon, they are synthetic but have a cotton feel.

Pictured: Brisk Run Gloves, Lululemon, $28



Finally, your anti-winter athletic arsenal won’t be complete without a winter hat. This specially designed runner’s headwear is lined with wicking polyester to keep your head dry. Its nylon weave on the outside keeps the the snow from soaking through. Its the perfect addition to fighting back the cold.

Pictured: Dryline Hat, Running Room, $30

Not so cold now, are you?

It’s hard to stay an athlete if you’re stuck like a lump beside the fireplace. Equipped with this outerwear, you can brave the chill like a champ, and still look great.

Speaking of which, I better go toss on my sneakers. I have some jogging to do!


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