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There are so many men’s hair products on the market. and it’s so hard to find one that is right for you.

Pastes and waxes are popular right now and if you pick the wrong one it may make your hair feel sticky and dull. It’s also a matter of using the products properly.

So many times I’ll have a man return a great product just because he wasn’t educated on how to apply it in his hair correctly. Today I’m going to show you some of my favourite men’s hair products and explain how to use them right.

Most men tend to prefer the “matte” look in their hair, which is why pastes and waxes are so popular now. The shiny look given by gels tends to look unnatural and makes your hair feel crispy.

If you’re looking for a paste, my number one recommendation is KMS California Molding Paste. It is very versatile and has great hold, fantastic for thick coarse hair.

It comes out from a pump and has a bit of a creamy texture all you need do is work it through your hands first and then style however desired in your hair.

I would not recommend this product for finer hair though, as fine hair does not need as much control and heavy products will make your hair look greasy.

If your hair is fine, I would recommend Bumble & Bumble Sumotech. It’s more of a “clay” texture and you only need to use a little bit. This product will actually make your hair appear slightly thicker if used correctly.

The most important thing is to start with a little bit and really make sure to warm it up in your hands before putting it in your hair. This is the #1 mistake most men make when using any type of clay, wax, pomade etc.

If your hair product comes in a little tub then always make sure to work it through your hands very well before putting in your hair to avoid clumping. After warming it up in your hands you will notice that the product will be easier to manipulate and then you can work it through your hair and style as preferred.

For longer hair I really like to use Pureology Texture Twist.

It has a lighter hold and it is fantastic if you like the “piece-y” or “textured” look. It comes out in a pump and all you need to do is put your hands together and let it “fall” onto your hair.

It will have a fibrous spider web look and then you can just work it through all of your hair or even just certain pieces or whatever floats your boat. You can apply it like a regular paste as well, another great product for finer hair as well.

We can’t forget about those men with curly hair. As a stylist with naturally curly hair, I know that sometimes curly hair tends to be forgotten. If your hair tends to get very unruly and frizzy (even if it’s not naturally curly) a great product for that is Taming Elixir by Sebastian.

It is very light so it won’t weigh the hair down and it has enough conditioning properties to tame down the frizz. Use it when your hair is towel dried and you can let it dry naturally or blow-dry, if desired.

Once dry you can follow with a light paste (like the Texture Twist) for extra hold and separation if you like.

There are many men’s hair products available on the market today and these are just a few of my favourites and what I usually would recommend to my own clients. The most important thing is to use the products correctly. If purchased from a professional salon you should be able to return for a full refund if the products don’t work for your hair.

Llisa Spidle is a stylist working at Natural Solutions in Toronto. She has been styling for over five years, and has a passion for hair. She specializes in colour corrections and curly hair. You can find more of her hairdressing advice at her hair salon blog Get Hair Done.


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