Hakeem Olajuwon’s ‘DR34M’ Come True



NBA Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon started his own clothing line back in December.

Called Hakeem the Dream in his hey-day in the NBA, Olajuwon has carried that over into his post-basketball career, naming the line DR34M.

Olajuwon is the creative director and the president of the corporation. The line features several different styles of jeans, long-sleeved polo shirts, and t-shirts. He plans on expanding to sportswear inspired by basketball.

The line revolves around the colours blue, red and black and there are a few pieces with a yellow accent. Olajuwon’s designs are clean and simple. His pieces have a casual feel to them.


This long sleeved DREAM SHAKE Polo is an excellent example of the line’s emphasis on clean lines, a sporty look and bright solid colour.


This Classic-Fit DR34M Sport Team continues the sporty theme with a tasteful use of the DR34M logo, a ribbed neckline and contrasting stripes on sleeves.

It isn’t all sports with the line. These Relax Straight DR34M Jeans show a fashionable cut for casual wear.

Olajuwon is planning on releasing a sportswear branch of DR34M that, according to promotional photos, will include basketball shorts and jerseys.

The debut of the line was on December 31, 2010 at the Houston Rockets game against the Toronto Raptors.


Olajuwon has always been passionate about art, architecture, and design, and it translates well into DR34M. “Fashion is an art where you love design,” said Olajuwon in a video describing the launch. “My love of art is from the very beginning.”

His dedication on the court from his days as an NBA phenomenon carries over into his dedication to designing and marketing his new venture. He also strives to create something unique. “You don’t want to be like something you buy in the store,” he said. “You want something that’s different.”

Quality is important to Olajuwon in his designs. “We use good fabrics. Ones that will be durable,” he said. He wanted to create a low maintenance line that’s washable and will still retain its original shape and quality.

Olajuwon genuinely enjoys the designing process, but he also takes joy out of the feedback from his customers. “The more you do it, you enjoy it, then you wait, and you listen to the comment of the people,” he said.

What makes Olajuwon’s clothing line different from the others is how hands-on he is with the line. “This is the way that you express yourself. It’s your ideas. It’s your choice of fabric. It’s your choice of style that you pick.”

The DR34M Line is available at www.DR34M.com and at the Houston Rockets team store.


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