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LeBron James has been working on a web cartoon called “The LeBrons.” For now, the cartoon is only going to be available through James’ YouTube channel.

The cartoon is about the different sides of James. “It goes back to the four characters that I feel I am on a daily basis,” he said in his announcement.

The characters created by James’ are Kid LeBron, Athlete LeBron, Business LeBron, and Wise LeBron. The Wise Lebron character, “kind of mentors the whole family,” said James.

The series takes place in James’ hometown, Akron, Ohio. It will focus on the Kid LeBron character and his struggles to make good decisions in life and his adventures with his family and his friends.

According to James, the show will have similarities to Bill Cosby’s show ‘Fat Albert.’
The show is meant to be an educational show with the characters teaching kids about morals and values in everyday life. The lessons will be taught in the show with a sense of humour.

The characters were originally introduced in a Nike commercial from 2006, and have been turned into cartoons for the web series. The series is being produced by James’ production company Spring Hill Productions, along with Believe Entertainment Group.

Dru Dog Productions is taking care of the visual aspect of the show.

According to James, the cartoon isn’t just for kids. “It’s exciting not only to get it out to kids, but to everyone. I think everyone is going to have an opportunity to kind of relate to [the characters],” he said.

The series is being shown on its own YouTube channel, which has been created just for the show. It can also be accessed on LeBron James’ personal website.
Right now, there is only a trailer for the show, with James speaking about its future. There is no known date that the cartoon is going to be released, but rumours are saying that it will be in the early spring of 2011.

Part of the proceeds of the cartoon series is being donated to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America to buy them HP computers for the organization. Hewlett Packard and Intel are major sponsors of the project.

The first season is planned to have ten episodes, with a length of five minutes each.
“Just stay tuned,” said James.


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