Spring Fashion 2011



Take those boots off and take those bulky coats off! For too long we have laboured under the oppressive hand of winter, and it’s starting to chafe.

But hope is here. Look out the window: temperatures are rising.

Spring’s come not a moment too soon. Those black winter peacoats you’ve been wearing for the past few months may fit the washed-out greys of winter, but with colour returning to the world, your clothes should show off more of the spectrum.

Naturally, BALLnROLL has you covered. With the ice melting and the sun rising, here’s what you chaps do about clothes.

When it comes to pants in the spring, you’ll want to look and feel good. With the warm weather, you’ll need trousers that can breathe. Cotton trousers like these will keep you cool, casual and comfortable.

Pictured: Circular Trousers, Zara $60

Or, if you want to go for a sleeker look, linen trousers with a clean and fashionable cut go perfectly with a vest or a blazer.

Pictured: Delave Linen Trousers, Nicole Farhi, $318


The best blazers augment and enhance a casual look. Start by putting away your tweed: the college professor look is for colder climes.

Instead, try for a cotton blazer, so you won’t be sweltering. A dark coloured blazer is versatile, allowing for contrast with your shirts.

Pictured: Garment Dyed Blazer, Armani Exchange $145


That said, your shirts are going to be one of the hardest parts of your spring wardrobe. They’re tricky business. If they’re too big, you’ll look frumpy, like a salaryman on his way to a cubicle. Too small, and you’ll feel hemmed in, uncomfortable.

Spring is the season of activity, of getting out and enjoying things. You won’t want to feel uncomfortable.

A spring shirt should look crisp and eye-catching. The shirt above has attractive design elements like underlining for a rolled-up look. And, of course, it goes without saying that it’s 100% cotton. Throw a waistcoat over it and you’ll look great.

Pictured: Double Layer Shirt, Armani Exchange $88


I’d be hard pressed to pick a look sharper than that of a smartly chosen waistcoat. It’s the perfect blend of old-world cool and modern dynamism.

Like the blazer, a dark waistcoat brings the possibility of both high contrast, and subtle layering of colours. A waistcoat can ably complement a shirt or thin sweater.

Pictured: Linen Suiting Waistcoat, Nicole Farhi $158


Actually, let’s talk about sweaters, since the spring’s your last chance to wear really excellent looking ones before summer temperatures make them prohibitive.

When it comes to my favourite garment, you’ll want a look that is laid back and relaxed. A ribbed v-neck sweater is both stylish and versatile.

Pictured: V-Neck Sweater, Gap $40

Your shoes should add a dash of colour to your a bright look. They should be durable and flexible, ready for your springtime activity.

Pictured: All Star Stonewashed Canva, Chuck Taylor $50


Spring is when nature shakes off the dust of winter and struts its stuff. You should be no different. It’s time to close the door on your winter wardrobe and embrace the new season.

Now go outside and enjoy the day.


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