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Amar’e Stoudemire is one of the most fashion-conscious players out there today. Few other ballers fit BALLnROLL’s vision of basketball and fashion co-existing more perfectly than Stoudemire.

That might be a big statement, but just think about it for second: this is the man Anna Wintour tried to get on the cover of Vogue. And last September, in an interview with Page Six, he said, “I love fashion, actually. I love gear. I mix high and low. I love watches. I love shoes. I make sure that every time I step out of the house I’m feeling comfortable and fashion-forward. Depending on the occasion, I dress the part.”

That he’s also a great basketball player is just icing on the cake. Recently he practically became the East’s right hand man in the last two quarters of the All-Star game and lent his starpower to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s unveiling of a new community center.

With Carmelo Anthony joining the Knicks, all eyes have been turning to see how the newcomer will gel with Knicks heavies like Stoudemire. But Stoudemire doesn’t need to worry about standing out; his taste in clothing does it for him.

Fashion is obviously a passion for Stoudemire, and he’s no stranger to the world of haute couture. Last fall, he joined Anna Wintour at the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 fashion show, putting together baige slacks with a high-collared white and blue jacket over a black-plaid shirt and orange-and-blue striped tie.

Stoudemire hanging out with Wintour cemented his appearance in fashion blogs and magazines across the net, pretty much establishing Stoudemire as a heavy player on the style scene.

But what really blew us out of the water was his appearance at the 2011 All-Star game magenta carpet, looking brilliant in a pinstriped jacket with sharp peaks, silver shirt, black bowtie, subtle belt and grey slacks.

Stoudemire is the kind of fashion icon that inspires, and in his case people should definitely be taking note.

This is why Stoudemire’s fashion sense should interest you: The man can wear anything. The man is a true icon, one of the rare sorts that make trends, not follow them. He proves that it’s ninety percent the way a man wears his clothing that really makes it work, rather than the clothes themselves.

I say that not to simply gush, but to make a point. One of Stoudemire’s many strengths is his ability to make some chancy choices with his clothes. He doesn’t play it safe, he doesn’t play it traditional, and it seems every time we see he shows off his ability to pull something startling together. He experiments, and he pulls it off.

For a good example, check out his duds at the Fall 2011 Tommy Hilfiger show last February, towering over Ally and Elizabeth Hilfiger in a dark blue doublet over grey slacks and a polka-dot bowtie. The bright cyan shoes are a splash of colour in the grey and blue spectrum. Let me say this again: the man makes a doublet look good. If that’s not proof of his worth, I don’t know what else is.

Bowties are also not for the faint of heart, but Stoudemire knows how to wear them. Even on a talk show like Lopez Tonight, he looks elegant in a brown jacket, beige shirt and black bowtie (complete with bright red shoes!)

Stoudemire knows how to wear clothes, even when they’re challenging and unorthodox.

Which summarizes one of his most iconic images: the blue suit he wore at the Fashion Night Out last October. If you were a fashion blogger in February, writing about Stoudemire’s connection with Wintour, chances are you linked to an image of this suit.

It’s a stunner: light blur, white buttons, notch lapels, plaid shirt, tartan tie, and sleek pointed shoes. Its colour-cohesion foreshadows the Robin Hood green-and-grey at the 2011 All-Star game and it made fashionistas perk up and take notice.

Another iconic Stoudemire image is the casual look he affected at the Hugo Boss store in Manhattan. Dark long-sleeved shirk, black slacks, and a blue knitted scarf. Toss on a pair of sunglasses, and you’ve got quite the snazzy style.

If you’re interested in following more of Stoudemire’s sense of style, you’re in luck. This fall, he’s going pro. Last December, he announced that this fall he would be partnering with Rachel Roy, to design a collection for men. A women’s line is next in the works.

Until then, we hope he continues to show us how it’s done.


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