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Nothing has been mellow about Carmelo Anthony’s career lately. After arriving at the end of a tumultuous period of intense scrutiny, the newly anointed Knick is trying his best to get settled among New York’s top players.

So much has been written about Anthony’s departure from the Nuggets that we don’t have much to add.

Instead, let’s talk about what Anthony can teach us about style. When it comes to the man’s way of dressing, the man is a champion of the casual, comfortable look.

That means his sense of style stands apart from his peers in sports couture. Instead of Stoudemire’s meticulous coordination, or Rondo’s slick cool, Anthony shows us how to embody clothes easily, and make an ensemble pop without looking like he’s trying.

So what can we learn from him? The subtle art of using high contrast in the colours of your clothes.

Anthony’s All-Star get-up is at once eye-grabbing and coordinated, loose and likable. He strode onto the magenta carpet in an army green Burberry Prorsum trenchcoat set against a pale yellow shirt, with a patterned orange tie that matched a leopard-print belt.

With matching yellow slacks, it’s a look that shouldn’t work, but does anyways. But why?

For one, the belt and tie break up the homogeny of the yellow, and it’s the dull green of the coat that contrasts neatly with the yellow, dialing down an outfit that would otherwise be garish. It’s a lesson in layering.

At the All-Star screening of “On the Shoulders of Giants”, Anthony showed up looking relaxed and confident in a striped Gucci cardigan over a dotted shirt and denim jeans.

It’s a textbook lesson in looking classic and casual. Note that matching a shirt with a busy pattern against the relative solidity of the cardigan creates the contrast, and keeps the cardigan from being too dull. The outfit works like a charm.

Cardigans are a versatile garment. As Fashion Style Advice’s Milana Saric writes, “To easily make your look more edgy, trendy and different, go for a cardigan in an unusual shape, texture or color… you’ll be warm and trendy all at the same time.” Saric cautions, however, to “keep the cardigan-look young and current! You don’t want to end up looking like your dad or granddad.”

Anthony shows us how to look modern by matching the cardigan with jeans and a stylish shirt, making sure to contrast his colours.

But contrast can work in different ways. At John Varvatos’ Ten Year Anniversary party, Anthony showed the importance of earthy colours, with beige khakis and a dark cardigan set against a white v-neck.

The lighter colours of the khaki and shirt work to deepen the cardigan. He completes the look with comfortable, casual sneakers, and makes it a presentable, attractive ensemble.

This isn’t to say that Anthony can’t show up formally dressed. Check out his appearance with La La Vasquez at the 25th Anniversary of Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular last May. The beige suit and matching shoes would usually be too much. But check out the way Anthony changes it up with a blue shirt and striped tie. It really only takes a little to make colour contrast work well. It’s the tie that really helps this look along.

Ties are important additions to a wardrobe. Used precisely and interestingly, they can sharpen otherwise bland colour choices. As fashion writer, Richard Burrows writes, “men’s ties are pivotal to [creating] a nice contrast breaking the straightforwardness of an emblematic white shirt and corporate suit.”

Learn from Carmelo Anthony; you can look incredible with subtle contrasts and casual clothes.


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