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With summer fast approaching, the hoodies and thermals of winter have long been stored away in the closet and it’s about time to start shedding the layers in the name of summer fashion.

As has been the trend over the last few summers, this year’s fits continue to get slimmer and slimmer, with the overall aesthetic aiming for clean and crisp. A common theme that continually pops up in this season’s looks is that of the boater or insouciant prep, with deck or boat shoes, with prominent appearances of fitted khaki or patterned shorts, striped t-shirts and button downs with rolled up sleeves.

When getting dressed to enjoy the sunshine, don’t miss out on these four up-and-coming design brands.

A men’s lifestyle brand that breathes life into fashion by studying the past, the Strivers Row summer collection is perfect for a leisurely summer outing. Consisting of a variety of loose, cotton work shirts combined with light, overstressed denim, Strivers Row will provide the uniform for any backyard BBQ.

Another up and coming designer of casual wear is NYC’s DQM, a company “built on a culture and relationship that began long before the store was conceived, and quickly found the support of the neighbours and downtown stores”. Specializing in t-shirts, button downs and most importantly; fitted, snap back and 5 panel hats, DQM is the ultimate wardrobe stop when getting outfitted for a day at the beach or down by the lake.

Pictured : Pictured: Check Cotton Shirt, by DQM, $68

For those looking to make a bit more of a statement with their summer tee choices, look no further than the brainchild of artist and designer Shepard Fairey; Obey. The company, launched “when Shepard saw clothing as an opportunity to be creative on many levels and t-shirts as another canvas for his graphics” offers clothing that speaks to many different genres. Cotton shorts, subdued graphic tees and striped tank tops are a must in Obey’s summer collection. Taking influence from both the classics as well as more contemporary trends, Obey delivers a line with something to offer even the most picky summer shopper.

While shorts and t-shirts might make the cut during those long, hot summer days, once the sun sets and night time rolls around, something a little more substantial might be in need. Two main looks are bound to dominate the nightlife in the summer of 2011.

Summer black, even more consistent than white, is being flooded in Spring 2011 shows by designers around the globe. Brands like Mishka NYC and Orisue (from Southern California) are encouraging this look by releasing beautiful airy black leather jackets, light cotton cardigans, all black polos, solid black light weight button downs and black cotton blazers.

Pictured: Watch Dog Polo Black, by Mishka NYC, $63

The other look that will be familiar at formal events over the course of this summer is City Refined.

This simple yet classic look lends itself to the idea of the urban gentleman, and it is adapted to the summer sun. In other words, looking sharp and immaculately well groomed wherever one goes. This look is being championed by the likes of 10 Deep, a brand that ``communicates the bold power of individuality`` with their summer release of a variety of crew neck shirts as well as trousers that show a little ankle. Band of Outsiders is likewise catering to the urban gentleman with their focus on loafers and oxfords combined with double-breasted blazers. Summer fashion is looking hot, hope the weather can compete.


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