Simple Suggestions for Hat Etiquette



A hat can often be the perfect accessory to complete a lackluster outfit, but if worn improperly or paired with the wrong ensemble, a hat can create the impression that its only purpose is covering up a hideous haircut. The following are not only suggestions for classy hats to wear this summer, but also guidelines for pulling the looks off without a hitch.

Knit Caps


These might not be the best choice for the coming summer months, but a nicely woven knit cap, preferably made from a thin wool or cashmere is a staple not to be absent from any gentlemen’s hat rack. To avoid looking like you just stepped off the slopes, a knit cap is most appropriately paired with a suit and overcoat in below freezing weather. Texture, character and tonality are of the utmost importance and Neff headwear; based out of Southern California, offer the perfect knit caps to keep you looking classy this coming winter, with the likes of “the daily”, “the fold”, “the deep” and “Darrel Mathes”

Fisherman’s Caps
Keeping step with the ever popular nautical look this summer, Fisherman’s caps are the perfect addition to any short, t-shirt and deck shoe combination. To avoid looking like Gilligan, it is important to pick up a specifically Greek Fisherman’s hat. More casual then a bowler and less silly then a Tam, the Greek Fisherman’s cap says elegant style while still screaming fun. For an inexpensive yet high quality Greek Fisherman’s cap look no further then H&M which has a wide variety of styles, assortments and colors.

Straw Hat

A look that has unsurprisingly popping up everywhere this summer is the casual straw hat. Paired with white cotton shorts, a plain colored crew or v neck t-shirt and slim and basic sneakers, the straw hat adds an additional layer of flavor to an otherwise relatively mundane outfit. The Borsalino Tivoli “C-Crown Safari” is the most beautiful straw hat on the market to date and on the right person maintains a great ability to take the wearer from dud to stud. This specific hat illustrates the Borsalino’s penchant for combining elegant style with rugged characteristics.

Newsboy Hat
With the preppy sportsman look finding itself so prominent this summer, it would be impossible to leave the Newsboy hat out of the running. A hat for casual occasions, with its round, puffy body, newsboy caps have made an impressive comeback since Brad Pitt has been spotted wearing them on a daily basis.

A newsboy cap combined with a light cotton argyle sweater and dark fitted khakis would be the perfect outfit for either a day out hitting the links or an evening spent on a patio sipping drinks. Unless combined with a plain white tee, avoid plaid or multicolored newsboy caps, sticking mainly to plain solid colors or for a stretch try one with thin, dark stripes. The Stetson Hatteras “Linen 8/4 newsboy cap” fits these specs to a T and is the perfect lightweight material for those hot summer days under the sun.

Fitted Caps


The wearing of fitted caps should begin to taper off after one passes their 30th birthday, however a plain navy blue Yankees fitted, or a New Era collaboration fitted is still essential in any fashionable man’s wardrobe.

Made famous by the likes of Jay Z, the fitted has shown incredible prominence in the fashion industry over the last ten years, mainly due to the incredible assortment of styles New Era has released over the years. Unlike Jay Z, however, (he has the go ahead to wear his hats however he likes) a fitted cap looks most stylish worn straight forward with no curve in the brim.

It is also important to know your size, as a fitted that is too small makes the wearer look like he’s actually heading to play in a baseball game and a fitted that is too big makes you look like you’re 5 years old. When shopping for a fitted, look no further then New Era, the undisputed champion of and ambassador for fitted caps.

Despite what MTV might tell you it is important to remember that fitted caps are casual only, never to be worn with formal button downs and absolutely never ever with a suit. To add a little color and spice to a casual getup this summer grab a New Era 59fifty “Jose Caricoa Tropical” fitted cap, available on


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