Style Profile: Dion Lee, Australian Wonderkid of Design



In a wold where trends change often, and stylistas, fashionistas, and fashion mavens in general are obsessed with what’s next, what’s new and what’s hot, up and coming designers often generate as much heat as the tried and true haute couture houses.

Who appears to be the next, new and hot designer at this very moment is Australian newcomer Dion Lee.

While he may be a budding designer on the world scene, Lee has been consistently praised in his homeland of Oz for the past couple seasons and, at just 24, has been dubbed the “Wonderkid of Design”. An apt title indeed, as his precise pieces have a geometric, almost architectural edge to them.

In an interview with Style Me Romy, the designer admits his architectural elements in design are not consciously taken from buildings of inspiration, but rather his love of straight lines and minimalist features in design are simply similar concepts as those used when forming buildings.

Whatever the similarities, it is clear that the strict structure of construction is an element in the sophisticatedly restrained collection that Lee revealed during the Spring/Summer season of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

For his third year of presenting during RAFW, the designer chose none other than the magnificent and architecturally-impressive Sydney Opera House to host his show. The comparisons between the wooden planks intricately comprising the impressive famed ceiling and the exact lines of the clothes were brilliantly matched…and the fashion world took notice!

While strong, clean lines and a geometric aesthetic often lead to pieces with a masculine edge, Lee has managed to effortlessly tie them into cuts and edges that ensure a very much feminine and often downright sexy figure.

Never one to compromise in tailoring, womanly silhouettes were created through soft draping, dropped necklines and seductive slits in dresses. Whimsical prints were also a motif throughout the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and added yet another element of feminine prerogative while still adhering to Lee’s aesthetic of clean cuts. A refreshing take on modern femininity, Lee has mastered the fine line of practicality, precision and provocative.

Lee is one of the many designers being recognized for excellent and relevant collections to emerge from down under in the past few years slowly helping to put Australia on the map as a recognized fashion capital.

After three years of showing at RAFW, media interest in his immaculate tailoring and modern yet sultry designs as allowed for Lee to be mentioned in international publications such as Vogue and Fashion Magazine right here in Canada!

His designs are also gaining celebrity attention as trendy pieces to be seen in for daytime attire. Just recently, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson was seen sporting a printed dress on the S/S collection on the streets of New York.

Star fandom combined with international recognition is sure to put Lee on the most-coveted list in the very near future!

Lee’s steady discipline in workmanship and strict adherence to fine stitching have proved his capabilities in technique and execution thus far in his career. And, with a devoted cult following already developed in Australia and poised to spread to fashion capitals such as New York, it seems likely that soon Dion Lee will move from trendy up and comer to established fashion force shortly.

Fashion lovers, including we style junkies at BALLnROLL, look forward to see where he takes modern femininity next!


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