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 Basketball and beautiful people go together like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe it’s all the rippling muscles, ballin’ lifestyles and abundance of tall, athletic men that go hand in hand with the league! Whatever it may be, one thing that’s for certain is that when NBA stars are present, there are sure to be stunning ladies to follow.

Sometimes these unions even lead to love, and on that note BallnRoll has named its Top 5 Sexiest NBA Couples!

1) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries


Undoubtedly one of the sexiest stars out there right now, Kardashian sure knows how to flaunt her famous curves! From her nude W Magazine cover to her hotter than hell Playboy spread, the reality mogul is steaming up pages the same way her and her sexy sisters are steaming up television screens with their multiple reality shows.

And now that the curvy starlet is engaged to a Nets star? Well let’s just the two of them together make for our sexiest NBA couple! Humphries is a tall drink of yummy all on his own, measuring in at a staggering 6 feet 9 inches and being Prince Charming handsome. But, despite their obvious good looks, what makes this couple even sexier is that they make time for each other within their ultra-busy lives! Nothing quite says love like devotion and commitment!

2) Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom


Kim isn’t the only Kardashian who’s landed herself a basketball pro…sister Khloe also makes our list with her husband, and Laker’s forward Lamar Odom.

While Kim and Kris’s romance may seem whirlwind after becoming engaged after only six months, that’s a relative lifetime compared to Khloe and Lamar, who dated, were engaged and became married (all in front of television cameras in true reality star style) in just over a month!

Skeptics may have written their hurriedly hitched hijinks as short lived, but come September, the pair will approach their second anniversary of wedded bliss. Another decidedly dedicated and devoted duo made from the dream matching of the NBA and the Kardashians lands Khloe and Lamar as the number two sexiest couple on our list!

3) Lala Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony

While the west coast has power couple Khloe and Lamar, the east coast can say the same for Lala Vazquez and hubby Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks. The New York City natives were recently married in a star-studded ceremony with a guest list that read like the who’s who of the music and sports entertainment world!

The sexy MTV veejay has featured many personal pictures of her and Melo on her blog I Am Lala and by the looks of their adorable honeymoon to Costa Rica, this is one sexy couple who is going to last!

4) Kobe and Vanessa Bryant


Together for ten years, making them the longest married couple on our list, Kobe ad Vanessa Bryant come in at number four when it comes to the Sexiest NBA Couples!

The pair, who met while she was a back-up dancer on a music video shoot the Lakers star was featured in, have braved through both thick and thin times together.

Kobe infamously was accused of sexual assault in 2005, and while the charges were eventually dropped and the case settled out of court, the family man’s reputation took a hard hit. Throughout the entire ordeal, Vanessa stood by her man, to which he acknowledged with an outrageously extravagant gift: a ring valued at over one million dollars.

Still going strong today and with two adorable daughters, Kobe and Vanessa make our list not only for being a strong duo in tough times, but also for being undeniably sexy!

5) Kevin and Brandi Garnett


Rounding out our list is sexy couple Kevin and Brandi Garnett! The longtime lovebirds were married in California in 2004 and have been going strong ever since.

Kevin even missed out on the 2004 Athens Olympic games in favor of his wedding, a chivalrous gesture if there ever was on in the world of professional sports! While Brandi is a fan favorite with her sweet and stunning looks and positive demeanor, not too much is known about the Celtic’s wife as she prefers to stay out of the spotlight and remain tight-lipped about her personal life with the NBA star.

Whatever their stance may be, it’s clear that flying under the radar is working for our number five sexiest NBA couple!


Allie at 14 Jan 2012

This makes everything so completely pilaenss.

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