BALLnROLL’s How to Wear the Modern Suit

The suit is an absolute necessity in every man’s wardrobe, whether he is a corporate professional or an indie rocker. With so many variations on the men’s staple nowadays, even the most fashionable of men can outfit themselves without looking like every other Joe Schmoe out there.

Take, for example, synth-rockers The Killers: their slick and fitted matching suits have become their signature outfits, making for a polished but still hipper-than-hip veneer.

NBA players may spend a lot of their time in jerseys and sweats, but when those dapper gentlemen do dress up, it’s definitely in a designer suit that fits them, and all their statuesque frames, to a tee.

With so many great options that don’t necessarily cost a fortune (think H&M and Zara), the perfect suit is something the Everyman can afford, and more importantly, rock with an attitude as if he were draped in Dolce and Gabbana. And so we here at BALLnROLL present How to Wear the Modern Suit for all dapper gentleman and suave every-man out there!

1. Trim, Not Tight

There is nothing worse than a man in a boxy suit. It does no one’s physiques any favors to have a suit with so much room you can feel a draft up your pant legs! All suits, no matter what price point, should be altered to fit the man wearing it.

A trim, fitted look is flattering on all body types, including bigger men. It’s a common misconception that larger men should wear boxier suits to hide their extra pounds when really a slimmer and sleeker suit is the flattering choice! But let’s remember not to go too tight or you risk looking like Urkel was your stylist.

2. Shoulder Shape

Men, let’s recap here: huge shoulder pads went out of style in the 80’s, for women and for men. If the shoulders of your suit stick out further than your actual shoulders, they’re too big. If they brush against people at a crowded party before you do, they’re too big. If you look at a photo of Duran Duran and see similarities…it’s too big.

Shoulders on a suit should fit snug, while still being comfortable. The fit up top is also a good indicator of how the rest of the jacket will fit—so let your shoulders guide you into a properly proportional package. Also note that while tailors can fix almost all areas of a suit, shoulders are not one of them.

3. Purposefully Picky

Before going in to purchase a suit, know for what purpose your outfit will end up serving. Whether it’s for an important interview (a suit not too flashy and obviously more expensive than what your interviewer is wearing is probably a good idea), a funeral or mourning (stick to the dark colors and classic cuts), or for rocking out on the weekend (artistic freedom, as far as suits go!), having a purpose in mind keeps your choices easy and efficient.

We suggest going to a retailer with an array of options as well, so you can compare various styles with ease!

4. Summer Lovin’

When summer arrives, style over function is a bonus. Allow your suits to lighten up with the weather and choose summer-weight fabrics like linen, and colors you would otherwise not be able to get away with.

Our favorites? Light blues, grays and even off-whites. Just be sure to steer clear of total white—you want blindingly good-looking, not blinding. Summer also allows a bit more leeway when it comes to trendy styles such as rolled up pant legs and suede loafers, collar shirts in bright colors and shoes that aren’t just black and leather.

5. Modern Life

Suits, welcome to the modern world. Quirky touches are now acceptable even in the corporate world, and look downright handsome. Pocket squares have made a huge comeback in the world of high fashion, and a perfectly folded square tucked into your jacket adds a nice old-school touch while seeming new and trendy.

Pant legs have also crept up a couple inches, allowing for a fresh and boyish charm…but don’t go too high up—we’re not talking about capris after all—but just enough so your snazzy socks are visible. Or, in the summer, your tan ankles peeping out from your loafers.

Modern flair has never looked better. 


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