Five Amazing (Free) Android Apps

The smartphone competition has been heating up for a while now, with new and sparkling technology fluttering in from the iPhone, Blackberry and Android corners. Apps are continuing to stun. But with Apple making the odd questionable decision, and Research in Motion falling behind, the Android has been picking up steam.

And why not? Technophile and writer Cory Doctorow once lamented that current generations are abandoning computers in favour of phones that give corporations enormous power over the kind of programs we users run, but compared to the iPhone, Android’s App market is practically the wooly Wild West, with independent developers given unprecedented control over the apps they release. That’s good for us consumers. We want more power over what apps we can have on our phone.

Well, the Android market is here, ready to give you free apps. Let’s look at five great ones.



Chances are you’ve already heard of the amazing Dropbox program by now. If not, Dropbox is a service that lets you share photos, videos and files to and from any computer or phone. Saving a file to your Dropbox folder synchronizes it with every other machine that has your Dropbox folder on it.

The sign-up process is easy and quick, and if you’re someone works from a number of computers or uses your phone to work with documents, the program works beautifully.

Summary: A must-have file-sharing app.


At its best, Ghosttown is a monumental creation, an app posed to change the way we look at music and consuming music. At its worst, it’s still one hell of a nifty program.

In recent years, musical artists and users have seen Youtube as a viable method of distributing tunes. Ghosttown lets you search for any artist, and compiles playlists streamed from albums found on Youtube. This essentially gives you a near-unlimited amount of music at your fingertips. It’s breathtaking to see in action. This is a must-have.

Summary: Game-changing new paradigm or neat app? You decide.

Attachments [Gmail Attach]

A bizarre built-in non-feature of the Android browser is the inability to attach documents to your email. It’s great if you’re a grandparent who just wants to send vacation pics, but a little useless if you’re using your phone for work. Enter Attachments.

Now, there are several free apps on the Android market that do this and have more functionality (the extraordinary ES File Explorer among them, which was another candidate for this list).

That said, Attachments is clean, simple and works great. If all you’re looking for is something to help you attach some goddamn documents, this is the one for you.

Summary: Simple and to the point. Sometimes that’s all you want.


Seesmic is a powerful social media app that manages social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It edges above the competition with its simple look, clean functionality, and ease of use.

Summary: Now you don’t have to switch between your Facebook and Twitter apps constantly. Now if someone would make the ultimate Tumblr app…

CopiPe – Copy and Paste Tool

If you’re looking to make your phone the crown jewel of your social media empire, then you can’t rely on a website’s dinky share function. You want some control over how you reblog the cool stuff you see.

So use this simple tool, which makes copying and pasting quotes, urls, and text a painless process.

Summary: Lets you copy and paste. You’d be surprised how useful that is.


Frenchie at 23 Aug 2011

Wowza, pbrolem solved like it never happened.

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