Why You Don’t Text On a Date



Ever go out for a nice time and your date is texting the entire time? Does it bother you or do you just not care? Most people consider it rude. When over 200 users voted on the subject on the online forum SodaHead, 52% of voters were infuriated when someone texted during their date (infuriated as opposed to thinking it was simply rude) and only 9% said it would not bother them.

However, one voter who said it wouldn’t bother them amended, “I’m easy going so it wouldn’t really bother me but it is kind of rude.”

Why IS texting while dating rude?

Texting is like answering your phone

If someone were talking with you, especially in a romantic setting, would you suddenly say, “Hold that thought, darling, I need to answer my phone and talk to this person for the next twenty minutes. I realize our food might get cold and you are paying for it, but I really need to hear about my possible plans for tomorrow”? I bet most people, if they actually went as far as answering their phone, would politely tell the caller that they will call them back.

Texting is no different from taking a call, since you’re still as focused, when your focus should be on your date.

You are interrupting your date

Imagine a third wheel on your date, someone sitting right there with you. When your date tells you how she thought of you all day, your friend interrupts her mid-sentence and asks if you want to play beer pong tomorrow night. Then, ignoring your date, you say, “Yeah, man, that sounds great.”

Sounds inappropriate, right? That’s what texting is—a rude interruption. Generally, you would wait someone is finished talking and then speak, so why interrupt your date via texting?

It is distracting to your date

You’re out at the movies. The movie is getting intense, when, out of the darkness, a bright, white light assaults your eyes. After the spots finally disappear off the faces of your favourite actors, you realize that not only did that annoying light on the phone shine into your eyes, but you just missed the most intense line in the movie, because your date laughed at someone sending her a joke that wasn’t funny the first time you heard it. What was the point of paying to see the movie?

Oh, and putting your phone on vibrate doesn’t make the buzzing any less audible to the person sitting beside you.

It makes you not look interested in your date

You’re back at your apartment. She is wearing that red dress that perfectly shows off her curves and you’re ready for things to heat up. Suddenly her phone beeps. Offering no excuse, she goes and grabs her purse and starts texting.

Here you are, ready and waiting, and there she is, smiling and giving her phone the look she was just giving you. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, would you? So don’t do this to other people.

How to prevent this?

Two words: One text.

In that text, you tell the other person that you will get back to them later. Or, you simply turn off your phone. Remember, most things can wait until later. Your date isn’t one of them. Love the one you’re with or you may not get another chance.


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